ProShares emerges as unforeseen victor in Bitcoin ETF race


  • ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF (BITO) outperforms rivals with $129 million in net inflows in 2024, reaching $1.8 billion in assets.
  • Despite higher expense ratio and divergence from spot bitcoin, BITO’s trading volume and investor interest remain strong.
  • Success attributed to strategic use of futures-based solution, regulatory clarity, and availability of listed options for bitcoin futures.

The launch of the first bitcoin ETFs in the United States last month ignited a fierce competition among new entrants eager to capture market share. Yet, in an unexpected twist, it appears an existing player, ProShares, has subtly outpaced its rivals. The ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF (BITO), against all odds and amidst a burgeoning array of investment options, has seen a remarkable $129 million in net inflows in 2024 alone. This surge has propelled its total assets to an impressive $1.8 billion. What makes this feat even more notable is the increased trading activity BITO has enjoyed this year, surpassing even the heightened trading volumes witnessed in the aftermath of the ETF approvals last year.

ProShares Riding the Wave of Futures

ProShares’ success story with BITO is not just about numbers; it’s a testament to the strategic foresight of utilizing a futures-based solution amidst a landscape where spot bitcoin remains unregulated. Simeon Hyman, the brain behind ProShares’ investment strategy, attributes this triumph to the effectiveness and regulatory clarity of bitcoin futures. Despite the 0.95% expense ratio of BITO—a figure that towers over most spot bitcoin ETFs—the fund has demonstrated resilience and appeal. Its positive year-to-date return of 1.25% is a beacon of its steady performance.

One intriguing aspect of BITO’s enduring allure is the availability of listed options for bitcoin futures products, a feature absent in spot products. This distinction has caught the eye of institutional investors, further cementing BITO’s position in the market. Additionally, BITO’s ability to trade at a tighter spread to its net asset value compared to spot products has played a crucial role in retaining investor interest.

A Market in Motion

The futures market itself has witnessed a spike in trading volume, particularly around the time when spot ETFs were given the green light. This increase suggests that investors might be leveraging futures as hedges in trades related to the spot ETF launch, pointing to a sophisticated strategy at play. The CME Group, a global player in this arena, reported a 65% year-over-year jump in the average daily volume for bitcoin futures in January, with a significant 34% increase from the previous month. This uptick in activity underscores the vitality of regulated bitcoin futures in the price discovery process and their role in hedging against market-moving events.

Despite the overall bullish sentiment in the cryptocurrency market and the spot ETF sector experiencing substantial net inflows, ProShares’ BITO stands out for its unique proposition. Even as Grayscale’s GBTC faced a net outflow, the influx into other Bitcoin spot ETFs, including BlackRock’s IBIT and Fidelity’s FBTC, highlighted the growing appetite for bitcoin investment vehicles within the traditional finance sector.

This phenomenon aligns with the broader adoption of cryptocurrencies as legitimate assets, further solidifying Bitcoin’s stature as both a store of value and a viable investment option. As the landscape evolves, the sustained growth and investor sentiment in the Bitcoin ETF market remain focal points for analysts and experts.

In the grand scheme of things, ProShares’ unexpected dominance in the bitcoin ETF race is a narrative of strategic positioning, market foresight, and the undeniable appeal of futures-based products in a rapidly evolving digital asset ecosystem. As the dust settles and more players enter the fray, ProShares’ early and emphatic lead in the futures space underscores a broader trend of innovation and adaptation in the face of regulatory and market dynamics.

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