Donald Trump vows to fire Jay Powell if he gets back into office


  • Donald Trump pledges to remove Jay Powell as Federal Reserve Chair if re-elected.
  • He accuses Powell of being “political” and biasing monetary policy to favor Democrats.
  • The friction between the two has been ongoing, stemming from Trump’s presidency.

Donald Trump, the former U.S. President and Republican frontrunner, has once again stirred the pot by declaring his intention to oust Jay Powell from his position as Chair of the Federal Reserve should he reclaim the presidency. Trump’s accusations against Powell for being overly “political” and his assertion that Powell would manipulate interest rates to favor the Democrats have sparked a debate about the independence of the Federal Reserve and its impact on the nation’s economy.

A Tense Relationship Resurfaces

The tension between Trump and Powell is nothing new. During his presidency from 2017 to 2021, Trump was openly critical of Powell’s handling of monetary policy, especially during times of trade tensions with China and Europe. Trump’s recent remarks in an interview with Fox Business Network reignited the friction, suggesting that Powell’s decisions are intended to politically benefit the Democrats. This ongoing spat highlights a potentially volatile dynamic between the Federal Reserve and the White House that could escalate if Trump manages to unseat Joe Biden in the upcoming election.

His dissatisfaction with Powell dates back to his first term when he nominated Powell to the Fed chair in 2018 but later regretted the decision as he perceived the central bank’s interest rate policies as detrimental to his trade agendas. Trump’s bold comparison of Powell to Xi Jinping, China’s president, in a 2019 tweet as the “biggest enemy” of the United States underscored the depth of his disapproval.

Powell, on his part, maintains a focus on the responsibilities of his role. His recent comments post the Federal Open Market Committee meeting emphasized the critical year ahead for the Fed and monetary policy, sidestepping the controversy of Trump’s comments and the prospect of serving a third term as Fed Chair. Powell’s term as chair is due to end in 2026, yet his tenure on the board extends to 2028, presenting a complex scenario for future administrations.

Economic Strategies and Electoral Prospects

Trump’s critique of Powell extends beyond personal grievances, touching on broader economic concerns such as inflation and the potential for oil price spikes due to conflicts in the Middle East. These criticisms come at a time when the U.S. economy shows signs of resilience with job growth and stock market highs under Biden’s administration, challenging Trump’s narrative of economic doom under Democratic leadership.

Eswar Prasad, a professor at Cornell University, and others in the financial sector view Trump’s attacks on Powell as an ominous sign of the threats to the Fed’s independence by Republican candidates. Yet, Trump continues to find ways to assert his influence on economic perceptions, claiming credit for positive market movements and predicting dire outcomes should his political adversaries remain in power.

Investor and public attention remains divided between the Fed’s policies and the political implications of the upcoming presidential race. Trump’s assertions that the economic upturns are a prelude to his return to office contrast with the skepticism of economists and the reality of Biden’s current stewardship of the economy.

As the political landscape heats up, Trump’s approach to criticizing Biden’s economic management while navigating the complexities of Federal Reserve independence and interest rate policies showcases the intricate dance of politics, economics, and personal rivalry that defines American governance. With the election on the horizon, the stakes for the U.S. economy and its leadership couldn’t be higher, setting the stage for a contentious battle over the direction of monetary policy and the future of the nation’s financial stability.

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