Propy records Japan’s first real estate blockchain transaction

The universal platform for real estate, Propy, has declared today that it has completed two blockchain-based Japanese real estate deals for the very first time in Asia. The deal was closed on two plots situated in the St. Moritz residential area in the Japanese city, Niseko.

A group of investors from Hong Kong bought these two plots, and the transactions at every step were carried out on Propy. This platform is most suitable for deals and transactions across borders because of the flexible functioning that allows the buyer, seller, and agents involved to communicate with each other and close deals safely.

The Chief Executive Office of Propy, Natalia Karayaneva stated that the aim of their organization is to provide a quicker, easier and safer way of buying property. She also confirmed that the firm is constantly signing up progressive real estate organizations world over, hoping to increase the activity on the platform.

Paul Butkovich, who leads the Hpkkaido Tracks Real Estate, plays a key role in demonstrating the countless advantages that Propy offers to all of the stakeholders. The two deals are expected to open doors for many more in the future.

The plots were bought using the Japanese currency, Yen. This platform, however, is flexible enough to enable the use of a variety of fiat currencies, along with many cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Propy had also announced that they have completed transactions on the blockchain in California, which was the very first blockchain based real estate transaction supported by the government in the U.S.