Private Islands Are Next? Virtual Real Estate NFTs Go Mainstream


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Next Earth is a new NFT-based metaverse project that is making virtual land ownership possible—and the implications of this are huge. For example, imagine being able to buy your own private island—as an NFT! Next Earth’s virtual world is made up of parcels of land called “tiles” that can be bought and sold for crypto.

Admit it: You’ve always wanted your own private island and now it looks like this could become a reality. The idea of digital land may seem new to many, but it’s not: Second Life gamers were able to buy and sell virtual real estate nearly two decades ago and that game still has loyal players today. However, the idea of blockchain-based virtual land on an exact copy of Earth hasn’t been done before Next Earth.

Next Earth’s recent ITO represents a new generation for the metaverse, which includes users who can stake a claim to any real estate such as their own house or even a private island. 

After acquiring BNB coins, you can browse Next Earth’s map interface, powered by Mapbox and find your perfect little private island, and if no one owns it, then you can. And if you still think that NFTs are exclusively for video games then think again: Anything you find on the map, that hasn’t been purchased, is up for grabs for a virtual landowner. 

In addition, this concept is much easier when it comes to tracking ownership when using a decentralized database in contrast to a centralized database where records could get lost or tampered with.

Designing Your Metaverse Experience

Think of a private island. The idyllic location. The seclusion. The beauty. Now, think of owning one, and the second you do, you’ll probably start imagining what kind of design philosophy you might want to take with it. 

This is where Next Earth’s virtual land NFTs come into play. 

There are countless ideas for private island designs, ranging from the rustic (though still luxurious) approach to the ultra-modern. Will your island be centered on lush mulch adorning green turf with wildflowers scattered throughout? Or will you prefer high-rise modern houses with penthouses overlooking an expansive marina? It’s up to you! 

After all, the possibilities are endless.

The Future of Private Island NFTs

And there’s more to come: in the future, Next Earth aims to enable construction on-top of your NFT property – such as setting up a beachside resort or building an underwater restaurant. The long-term vision even goes beyond this: One could envision plan an interactive metaverse akin to Ready Player One, powered with VR gear and AR headsets.

In conclusion, Next Earth is just beginning to explore the ideas around their concept but the future possibilities in terms of what kind of real estate in a virtual world can be owned are infinite – from a private island off the Chinese coast to a gate from Cinderella’s castle! The opportunities are really up to one’s imagination, but it’ll be interesting to see the idea of owning virtual islands go mainstream in 2021 and beyond.

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