Prime Minister Fumio Kishida commits to fostering thriving Web3 ecosystem in Japan

Kishida Signals Large Japan Firm Set to Unveil Metaverse Project


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  • Prime Minister Fumio Kishida announces Japan’s commitment to fostering a thriving web3 ecosystem.
  • Japan’s aggressive regulation of the Bitcoin market gives it an edge in embracing web3 technologies.
  • Koichi Hagiuda highlights Japan’s determination to collaborate with international partners for web3’s global impact.

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida declared Japan’s commitment to fostering a thriving web3 ecosystem during today’s WebX web3 conference. Addressing the virtual gathering, he lauded web3’s transformative potential, emphasizing its crucial role in his administration’s “new capitalism” economic strategy. The strategy aims to fuel economic growth and innovation while addressing pressing societal issues.

Kishida’s announcement signals a major shift in Japan’s approach to technology regulation. CoinPost reports that Japan’s aggressive regulation of the Bitcoin (BTC) market paved the way for its edge in embracing web3’s new technologies. 

With web3’s potential to revolutionize the internet framework, Koichi Hagiuda, head of the policy research council of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), highlighted Japan’s determination to work hand-in-hand with international partners.

Hagiuda specifically alluded to potential collaborations with organizations in the United States, France, and Singapore. Such international partnerships are crucial for maximizing web3’s worldwide impact and driving global transformation.

Moreover, the report reveals that the LDP’s digital society development headquarters initiated the “web3 project team” in January 2022, dedicated to championing web3’s development as part of Kishida’s “new capitalism” vision. Since then, the team has passionately advocated for web3’s integration into Japan’s economic strategy, aiming to unleash the full potential of blockchain-based technologies.

Additionally, Binance cryptocurrency exchange is gearing up to launch its revolutionary platform in Japan next month. The company’s acquisition of the Japanese exchange platform SEBC in November has positioned them strategically at the forefront of Japan’s burgeoning web3 landscape. Binance’s presence in Japan could significantly boost the country’s web3 adoption and investment.

Anticipation is building as big Japanese corporations gear up to unveil groundbreaking initiatives in the metaverse. The WebX conference is set to provide a much-anticipated platform for showcasing these pioneering ventures. With an array of visionary ideas on the horizon, the potential for creating prosperous economic zones in the metaverse is palpable.

Japan’s resolute commitment to web3 will redefine its economic landscape and place it at the forefront of the digital revolution. As the country embraces web3 technologies and explores international partnerships, the world watches with bated breath to witness Japan’s metamorphosis into a web3-driven powerhouse.

The future of “new capitalism” in Japan seems destined to intertwine with the limitless possibilities offered by web3, propelling the nation into uncharted territory with unparalleled opportunities for societal transformation.

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