Speculation Arises Over External Pressures Behind Palworld’s Censorship Decision


  • Palworld’s new patch added a censor, upsetting players.
  • The censor affects multiplayer and single-player modes, which is confusing.
  • Fans want options to control the censor; speculation surrounds outside influence.

Palworld, the popular multiplayer sandbox game developed by Pocketpair, recently released patch, which brought numerous bug fixes and improvements. However, amidst the flurry of updates, one significant change went unmentioned in the patch notes, sparking controversy among the game’s fanbase.

Unannounced censorship filter ruffles feathers

Players quickly noticed the implementation of a censorship filter in the in-game chat, which was not disclosed in the official patch notes. This filter automatically censors swear words and other inappropriate terms with asterisks, affecting both Xbox and PC versions of the game.

Reactions on platforms like Reddit ranged from confusion to frustration, especially as the censorship extends to single-player mode, a departure from industry norms. Some players found that inappropriate words were censored in chat and when naming their Pals or creating new worlds. This unexpected change left some players with existing Pal names censored, adding to the frustration.

Community calls for configurability and transparency

Reddit users voiced their concerns, advocating for transparency and configurability regarding the censorship feature. They argue that players should be able to toggle the filter on or off, especially in single-player mode or dedicated private servers. Additionally, players suggest the ability to add or remove words from the filter’s dictionary, allowing for a more personalized experience.

When questioned about the censorship filter on Discord, a Pocketpair community manager acknowledged that the filter was “too sensitive.” However, they mentioned that the decision to implement such a feature was somewhat beyond their control, hinting at external pressures. While there’s no direct confirmation, fans speculate that Microsoft’s stricter multiplayer policies, particularly on Xbox, might influence Pocketpair’s decisions. Consequently, the censorship filter was extended to the Steam version to maintain compliance.

Despite the backlash, Palworld continues to receive frequent updates, and fans hope that the sensitivity of the censorship filter will be addressed soon. In the meantime, players are encouraged to voice their concerns constructively and remain engaged with the development process.

Introducing an unannounced censorship filter in Palworld patch has stirred controversy within the game’s community. Players express frustration and confusion over the indiscriminate censorship, which affects multiplayer and single-player experiences. While Pocketpair acknowledges the filter’s sensitivity, speculation arises regarding external pressures, particularly from Microsoft’s multiplayer policies. However, fans remain hopeful for a resolution as the development team continues to work on refining the game.

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