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• PP trusts crypto payments and the Blockchain network for the financial sector.
• Spain could show a new panorama in which they would support cryptocurrencies for companies.

Crypto payments could increase in the coming weeks after the PP group announcement regarding the mortgage service. The organization that has supported crypto wants to use virtual payments for mortgages between homeowners, companies, and real estate agencies.

The PP group promotes these measures in a legal plan for Spain to enter the virtual market. In this way, PP seeks to create a base for companies and users who want to use blockchain technology.

The Spanish group also motivates the banking authorities to adopt the Blockchain network as their own. In this way, the mortgages administration, compensation, and insurance for users can be completed successfully and in an easier way.

PP seeks crypto payments mortgage system

crypto payments

PP wants to include crypto payments in the financial area and show a different Blockchain perspective. PP believes that the decentralized network can be used in the food area to label products and know their origin. With this network linked to food management, tracking, decision, and medical development are guaranteed.

In the same way, the organization tries to reduce all virtual companies fiscally favored with technology. PP will try to list companies that benefit from the discount for analysis and growth studies. This 25 percent reduction in expenses will be higher than the figure shown two years ago; it would even increase to 30 percent, according to PP.

Companies that use the tokens for crypto payments will also benefit from the technology discount. This will allow a total payment reduction under some conditions that PP would apply.

This is not the first or only monetary deduction promoted by PP that will support traditional companies and those that use AI. PP has on several occasions shown its support for artificial intelligence, program creation, and drone development.

Measures imposed on drones

The PP group relies on the prohibitions for the industrial and commercial areas for its mile uses. The organization also supports regulations in the postal area, transfer of goods, and municipal prohibitions.

Similarly, PP thinks that it is necessary to expand the regulations approved by the board of the financial area about Sandbox. But crypto payments can also be renewed in the business area to make them more accessible.

PP has good proposals in Spain that will somehow boost crypto payments among different users. Cryptocurrencies have gained fame in Europe, and after these measures, their boom may increase. It is time for Spain to enter the crypto market and take advantage of it for fast, secure transactions or as a source of investment.

The following PP announcements may relate to the crypto market, which could boost its value again.

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