Polygon Labs shifts development focus to Chain Development Kit (CDK), ending contributions to Edge framework

Polygon Labs shifts development focus to Chain Development Kit (CDK), ending contributions to Edge frameworkPolygon Labs shifts development focus to Chain Development Kit (CDK), ending contributions to Edge framework

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  • Polygon Labs, a key player in blockchain technology, has decided to halt contributions to the Edge framework in favor of directing efforts towards the Chain Development Kit (CDK).
  • The CDK, designed for Layer 2 ZK-Rollup development, offers interoperability for chains within a broad network, a feature not present in Polygon Edge.
  • Various projects, including Immutable and OKX, show interest in utilizing CDK for their developments.

Polygon Labs has announced the cessation of contributions to its Edge framework, commonly referred to as Supernets, to concentrate its resources on the development of the Chain Development Kit (CDK). 

Emerging trends in blockchain development

The initial purpose of Polygon Edge, an open-source tool under the Apache License 2.0, was to aid in creating custom blockchain networks compatible with Ethereum. However, the past year has seen a notable shift in the development priorities of the Polygon team. This redirection stems from the evolving landscape of blockchain technology and the growing need for more sophisticated tools in this space.

The new focus will be the Polygon CDK, a comprehensive toolkit designed for the development of various Layer 2 ZK-Rollups. These are specialized networks using zero-knowledge proofs, a method for building on top of other blockchains while ensuring enhanced privacy and efficiency. The CDK is poised to support the interoperability of chains within a broad network, a feature not natively supported by Polygon Edge.

Interoperability and future developments

Polygon Labs has emphasized that chains deployed using the CDK will be part of a larger interconnected web of ZK-powered Layer 2 networks within the Polygon ecosystem. This integration aims to create a unified liquidity pool, an aspect that significantly sets it apart from the capabilities of Polygon Edge.

The transition to the CDK is already garnering attention from various projects. Entities such as Immutable, OKX, Astar, and several others have expressed interest or plan to utilize the Polygon CDK for their Layer 2 network developments. The CDK’s promise of interoperability and the creation of a unified liquidity pool are key attractions for these projects.

Polygon’s current scaling methods include a sidechain known as Polygon PoS and a zero-knowledge rollup network, Polygon zkEVM. The company is also focusing on a major development: the 2.0 upgrade. This upgrade, expected in 2024, is set to be an ecosystem of multiple chains enhanced with zero-knowledge capabilities, further solidifying Polygon’s position in the blockchain space.

In conclusion, Polygon Labs’ strategic pivot to focus on the CDK over the Edge framework reflects the dynamic nature of blockchain technology. It signifies the industry’s move towards more advanced, interoperable, and efficient systems. This shift not only aligns with current technological trends but also sets the stage for future innovations in the blockchain sector.

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