Unseen Fist Ability in Pokémon Sword and Shield’s Urshifu Raises Concerns Among Competitive Players


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  • WolfeyVGC criticizes Urshifu for disrupting competitive Pokemon with Unseen Fist.
  • Urshifu’s dominance raises concerns in recent events, winning five out of six competitions.
  • Pokemon Scarlet and Violet introduce Terastallization, intensifying worries about Urshifu’s impact.

The Pokémon Sword and Shield competitive scene is facing a significant upheaval, as former Pokémon VGC World Championships 2016 winner and renowned YouTuber, Wolfe Glick, sheds light on a legendary Pokémon causing a stir among players. In his video titled ‘Is this Pokemon Ruining the Game?’, Glick focuses on Urshifu and its game-altering ability, Unseen Fist.

Urshifu’s unseen fist: A competitive game-changer

Wolfe Glick argues that the introduction of Urshifu in the Pokémon Sword and Shield expansion pass has disrupted the competitive landscape. The primary culprit, according to Glick, is Urshifu’s ability, Unseen Fist, which allows the Pokémon to bypass protection moves like Protect when executing contact moves. This unique capability has become a game-changer in double battles, where Protect has been a cornerstone for strategic positioning and preservation.

The bedrock of competitive Pokémon

Glick emphasizes the significance of the move Protect in competitive Pokémon battles. Although deemed “nearly worthless” during traditional playthroughs, Protect becomes the linchpin for competitive gameplay. It enables players to shield their Pokémon from damage, fostering a dynamic centered around strategic positioning and preservation. Glick contends that Protect is the key reason competitive Pokémon function smoothly, allowing players to balance offense and defense effectively.

Urshifu’s dominance in competitive play

The YouTuber highlights Urshifu’s prowess beyond its Unseen Fist ability. As a Fighting/Dark or Fighting/Water type Pokémon with two formidable forms and powerful signature moves guaranteeing critical hits, Urshifu stands out as one of the strongest additions to Pokémon Sword and Shield. Glick notes that the Pokémon’s dominance extends beyond its ability to ignore Protect, as it has secured victory in five out of six major competitive events since its introduction. Even if it did not emerge victorious, Urshifu claimed the second position, underscoring its overwhelming presence in the competitive arena.

Challenges beyond unseen fist

Glick explores the challenges posed by Urshifu beyond its Unseen Fist ability. With the impending release of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet in 2022, a new mechanic named Terastallization will be introduced. This mechanic allows Pokémon to change their type mid-battle, granting Urshifu an additional advantage through moves like Rain Dance. Glick argues that these factors compound the difficulties players face when dealing with a Pokémon that not only defies conventional protection but also exhibits no significant drawbacks.

Is Urshifu detrimental to competitive pokémon?

Glick acknowledges the complexity of the situation but leans towards the belief that the game would be “much better” without Urshifu. As a former world champion, he contends that having a Pokémon that not only breaks the established rules of the game but also boasts exceptional strength is, fundamentally, not enjoyable for players. While Glick stops short of a definitive answer, his sentiments indicate a concern shared by many in the competitive Pokémon community.

The competitive Pokémon community is grappling with the unforeseen impact of Urshifu and its unseen Fist ability. Wolfe Glick’s critique, stemming from his experience as a former world champion, underscores the challenges faced by players in adapting to this game-altering dynamic. As the Pokémon Sword and Shield competitive scene evolves, the community awaits potential adjustments or responses from developers to maintain the integrity and enjoyment of the game at its highest level.

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