Platypus Finance navigates yet another security breach, recovering 90% of stolen assets

Platypus Finance navigates yet another security breach, recovering 90% of stolen assets

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  • Platypus Finance suffered its third flash loan attack this year, yet managed to recover 90% of the stolen assets.
  • The protocol’s transparent approach and dedication to user security sets a positive precedent for the DeFi industry.

In the constantly evolving world of decentralized finance (DeFi), security breaches and flash loan attacks are unfortunately becoming a recurrent theme. Platypus Finance, a notable DeFi protocol, recently found itself at the center of another such incident. This marked the third major breach the protocol faced this year. Yet, in a heartening turn of events, the project managed to recover a staggering 90% of the stolen assets.

Platypus Finance: The unfolding of the attack

On October 12, Platypus Finance, which operates as an automated market maker on the Avalanche blockchain, was targeted in three separate flash loan attacks. These malicious endeavors succeeded in draining the protocol of a whopping $2.23 million. For those unfamiliar with flash loan attacks, they exploit a loophole allowing hackers to borrow cryptocurrency instantaneously without the need for collateral. The hacker then swiftly withdraws these borrowed assets, creating a void of bad debt for the protocol and its users.

Flash loan attacks are not new to Platypus Finance. Earlier this year, two such breaches occurred. The first, in February, saw the protocol losing $8.5 million, while a subsequent attack in July caused a financial dent of $157,000.

The aftermath and the silver lining

The aftermath of this most recent attack had everyone bracing for the worst. However, a glimmer of hope emerged on October 17 when Platypus Finance announced that they had managed to recover 90% of the stolen assets. This limited the protocol’s net loss to 18,000 AVAX, equivalent to $167,400 at the time. In an intriguing turn, the hacker voluntarily returned the funds. Consequently, in a gesture that acknowledges the ethical complications surrounding the decentralized world, Platypus Finance declared they “will guarantee that no legal action will be pursued.”

This decision to not pursue legal action is indeed a novel approach in the DeFi space, where many projects often resort to legal measures to retrieve stolen funds. The choice to steer clear of the courts might stem from the voluntary return of funds by the hacker or perhaps an understanding of the challenges associated with tracing and prosecuting digital asset thefts.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time Platypus Finance has faced the challenge of reimbursing its users post a security breach. Following the February incident, they had assured users of a recovery plan aiming to return at least 63% of the lost assets.

Ensuring future security and lessons learned

The recurring security breaches have pushed Platypus Finance into high alert. The project has temporarily halted all liquidity pools and is in the process of conducting a thorough security audit. It’s a step that showcases their commitment to user security and their proactive approach towards preventing any future incidents.

While the recovery of assets and the transparency showcased by Platypus Finance is commendable, the recurring attacks serve as a stark reminder of the inherent vulnerabilities in the DeFi space. It’s a wake-up call not only for Platypus but also for other projects in the industry. The past is replete with numerous DeFi projects that have faced such setbacks. Platypus Finance’s recovery and its approach after the attacks can serve as a blueprint for other projects navigating similar waters.

In 2021, Platypus Finance had successfully raised $3.3 million in funding, spearheaded by the now non-operational crypto hedge fund, Three Arrows Capital. Given this backing and the project’s history, it remains to be seen how they evolve in the face of these challenges. One thing is clear: In the realm of DeFi, adaptability and resilience are key. Platypus Finance, with its recovery efforts, has indeed shown both.


Platypus Finance, after facing its third significant breach, showcased admirable resilience by recovering 90% of stolen assets. Their unwavering commitment to user security, combined with unparalleled transparency, provides an exemplary blueprint for DeFi projects. As the digital finance landscape rapidly evolves, such proactive actions are crucial for maintaining user trust and confidence.

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