Phoenix Global Token to Be Listed on DigiFinex

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The global cryptocurrency exchange platform, DigiFinex, is updating its cryptocurrency listing with the addition of Phoenix Global token PHB. This move comes after Phoenix Global took steps to upscale its blockchain performance and functionalities. 

The PHB token, which is the BEP-20 native utility token of the project, is on DigiFinex starting 16th June 2021 at 16:00(GMT+8). Crypto traders on DigiFinex will then be able to make PHB deposits into their accounts. However, trading in PHB will only open from 17th June 2021 at 16:00(GMT+8), which is also the date applicable for withdrawal of PHB tokens.

The PHB token has been around for a short while, but it was not until recently that it got a facelift with the Phoenix Oracle and Phoenix Staker. These have been massive development milestones in the project’s effort to have its own proprietary oracle that allows it to be used in enterprise decentralized apps and DeFi systems.

What is PHB

The Phoenix Global token is a traded token asset that powers the Phoenix Global blockchain platform. The token gives its holders access to the Phoenix Global ecosystem enabling payment of all services therein.

PHB cryptocurrency was designed on the NEO platform with a supply of 3,523,788,678.8462853 tokens. The latest price recorded for this token was $0.0092 on Binance, one of the 9 exchanges on which the token is currently listed. Within the same timescale, the token recorded a 24-hour trading volume of $9,663,449.18. As of this writing, the PHB market cap stands at $31.97M, with a global ranking of 548 on CoinMarketCap.

The Phoenix Global ecosystem is designed to facilitate the rapid development and deployment of decentralized apps focusing on consumer satisfaction. The platform targets to serve the financial industry stakeholders as well as consumers in the internet, retail, automotive fashion, and travel industries.

Users can take advantage of the PHB blockchains’ wide range of usability, including applications in consumer data, marketing, artificial intelligence, CRM & Loyalty, and customer experience.

Features of PHB

To be listed on DigiFinex, one of the top 10 global cryptocurrency exchanges, PHB has had to offer something unique to its users. The project’s unique features are something many users can look forward to as it promises to catalyze a new customer experience dealing with cryptos.

The features include:

  • Phoenix Global proprietary oracle provides built-in world connectivity to enable dApps to be linked to external data centers and systems.
  • Enterprise sidechains will provide multiple sidechains – besides the main network – through which users can scale their own app’s ecosystem.
  • PHB employs a double consensus protocol that offers both agility and performance such that users can transfer assets between the side and main network through the DPOS and POS.
  • Multi-layered smart contracts give the project scalability and flexibility when it comes to dApps and smart contracts deployment.
  • The Phoenix Global Virtual machine helps protect consumers’ data while also providing decentralized storage, eliminating any security concerns in the platform’s ecosystem.

What to expect of the new exchange listing

The team at PHB has already launched the Phoenix Staker testnet for community testing, pending its official launch on BSC. It is expected that this will apply across all other exchanges since it replaces the staking functionality on the Insights platform as a decentralized reward platform for loyal holders of the token.

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