Paris Saint-Germain partners with Chiliz to pioneer Web3 integration


  • PSG collaborates with Chiliz for blockchain validation, boosting fan engagement and revenue with PSG token buybacks.
  • PSG pioneers as the first major football club on Chiliz Chain, leading the way for sports in Web3.
  • PSG plans a sustainable digital economy, reinvesting validation revenue and exploring crypto opportunities.

In a groundbreaking move, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), a prominent figure in French football, has announced its strategic partnership with Chiliz, a leading blockchain platform, to solidify its presence in the cryptocurrency sector and advance into Web3 and SportFi.

Becoming a pioneer validator

PSG has set a remarkable precedent as the first major football club to step into the domain of blockchain protocol validation. By joining Chiliz, PSG aims to serve as a validator for the fan token blockchain, thus augmenting its engagement with digital assets and decentralized networks. 

This pioneering initiative is projected to enhance the club’s digital ecosystem and foster a self-sustaining economy for PSG and its devoted fan base.

With an eye on sustainability and innovation, PSG plans to reinvest the revenue generated through its validator role to initiate buybacks of PSG tokens. These buybacks, facilitated through automated smart contracts, will be executed on public marketplaces and decentralized exchanges on the Chiliz Chain. 

The ultimate goal is to refresh the club’s token reserves, fortify its digital economy, and enrich the fan experience.

Charting a course for Web3 exploration

Under Pär Helgosson, PSG’s head of Web3, the club is poised to explore diverse opportunities within the cryptocurrency, Web3, and SportFi sectors. PSG aims to unlock new avenues for revenue diversification and fan engagement through strategic collaborations and proactive involvement. 

The club’s participation as a node validator marks the inaugural step in its journey toward active integration within the Web3 ecosystem.

PSG’s decision to embrace blockchain validation could serve as a catalyst for other sports organizations to follow suit. Alexandre Dreyfus, the founder of Chiliz, believes that PSG’s active role within the Chiliz ecosystem will instill trust and attract more brands and developers to participate in the burgeoning Web3 landscape. 

PSG and Chiliz are primed to foster innovation and collaboration within the sports industry by spearheading initiatives such as blockchain hackathons.

Looking ahead: A vision for collaboration

As PSG sets sail on its Web3 voyage, the club remains committed to fostering collaboration and innovation within the cryptocurrency and blockchain. Helgosson emphasizes PSG’s role as a node validator in building a sustainable tokenomics model for the Paris Saint-Germain Fan Token ecosystem and Chiliz. 

With a steadfast focus on engagement, reinvestment, and partnership, PSG aims to redefine the boundaries of fan interaction and revenue generation in the digital age.

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