ParaSpace rebrands to Parallel Finance, commits to NFT lending


  • ParaSpace, an NFT lending protocol, rebrands to Parallel Finance, signaling a strategic expansion in the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem.
  • The rebranded entity continues to focus on NFT lending, utilizing diversified liquidity pools and dynamic loan-to-value ratios to adapt to market volatility.
  • Parallel Finance aims to broaden its DeFi services, focusing on liquid staking and Parallel L2, while exploring integrations of liquid staking with NFT lending

In the dynamic world of decentralized finance (DeFi), change is the only constant. Embracing this, ParaSpace, a prominent player in the NFT lending arena, has announced its rebranding to Parallel Finance.

This strategic shift is more than just a name change; it’s a commitment to diversifying its offerings in the DeFi ecosystem while maintaining its core focus on NFT lending, even amidst the sector’s current challenges.

Yubo Ruan, the visionary founder and CEO of ParaSpace, now Parallel Finance, shed light on the protocol’s innovative approach in a recent conversation.

He emphasized that despite the prevailing market downturn, NFT margin lending is not only surviving but thriving. It caters to a unique yet expanding group of collectors and investors who are keen on leveraging their investments.

ParaSpace Innovating Amidst Volatility

The cornerstone of ParaSpace’s resilience lies in its strategic adaptation to market volatility. The protocol employs a mix of diversified liquidity pools, dynamic loan-to-value ratios, and partnerships for effective price discovery.

These mechanisms collectively work to mitigate the risks typically associated with high market fluctuations, which often lead to a scarcity of bidders for the underlying assets.

Despite a stark 99% dip in NFT trading volume from its peak in May 2022, signs of stabilization are emerging, particularly in the realm of blue-chip collections.

Ruan sees a bright future for NFTs, envisioning their transformation into digital passports granting access to a plethora of virtual and real-world utilities.

Additionally, the protocol is eyeing the development of soulbound tokens, which could revolutionize the way skills, experiences, and reputations are represented digitally.

Broadening Horizons in DeFi

As Parallel Finance emerges from the shell of ParaSpace, its goals are expanding to encompass a broader spectrum of DeFi services. Ruan elaborated on two primary areas of focus: liquid staking and Parallel L2.

Parallel L2, in particular, is poised to offer swift transactions with minimal gas fees, backed by advanced technologies like zero-knowledge proofs and Arbitrum Orbi, enhancing both security and scalability.

Parallel Finance is not just sticking to conventional paths but is exploring innovative integrations of liquid staking with NFT lending. This would enable NFT holders to yield earnings on their staked assets.

The protocol is designing a system where users receive a tradable derivative token representing their staked investments.

This token can be traded or utilized like other crypto tokens, addressing the typical liquidity challenges in staking and allowing users to explore other investment avenues without unstaking.

Since its inception in 2022, ParaSpace, now rebranded as Parallel Finance, has made significant strides. The company boasts a staggering valuation of $500 million, with a user base exceeding 340,000.

It reached a peak total value locked of $900 million in May before merging with Parallel Finance in August. This merger marks a new chapter in the company’s journey, blending the robustness of traditional DeFi protocols with the innovative edge of NFT lending.

In sum, the transition from ParaSpace to Parallel Finance is not merely a rebranding exercise. It’s a bold step towards a more diversified, robust, and innovative future in the DeFi space.

With its commitment to NFT lending and expansion into new DeFi services, Parallel Finance is set to redefine the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of digital finance.

The information in this article was gotten from a recent report from Cointelegraph.

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