Navigating The Lands Between An Optimal Progression Route for Elden Ring Players


  • Start in Limgrave, level up, then head to Mistwood.
  • Upgrade weapons as you progress through different regions.
  • Don’t rush; grind levels before tough battles.

As Elden Ring continues to captivate players with its vast world and intricate lore, newcomers may be overwhelmed by The Lands Between’s sheer scope. With its expansive landscapes and challenging adversaries, embarking on a journey through this mystical realm requires careful planning and strategic progression. 

To aid adventurers in their quest, a comprehensive progression route has been devised to guide players through the various regions of the Elden Ring, ensuring a balanced and rewarding experience.

Optimal progression route

Upon commencing their odyssey in Elden Ring, players find themselves in Limgrave, the western region of The Lands Between. Here, amidst the rugged terrain and looming shadows, adventurers begin their ascent, honing their skills and fortifying their resolve. Players should acquaint themselves with the challenges of Limgrave before venturing forth, ensuring a solid foundation for the trials ahead.

As players grow accustomed to the perils of Limgrave, the eastern Mistwood region beckons with promises of untold treasures and formidable adversaries. Armed with newfound knowledge and bolstered by experience, adventurers venture into the heart of Mistwood, where secrets lie shrouded in mist, and danger lurks around every corner. Mastery of this region is essential before proceeding further, as it serves as a gateway to the deeper mysteries of The Lands Between.

Beyond the horizon: Ascending the peaks

With each triumph and tribulation, players ascend to greater heights, traversing the diverse landscapes of The Lands Between with unwavering determination. From Stormveil Castle to the towering peaks of Mount Gelmir, adventurers chart their course through dangerous terrain, overcoming physical and mental challenges. As the journey unfolds, each step forward brings them closer to their ultimate destiny, forging legends amidst the ruins of a forgotten world.

In the ever-evolving world of Elden Ring, preparation is key to survival. As players navigate the treacherous landscapes and face formidable foes, they must heed the call to arms, honing their skills and fortifying their defenses. By adhering to the recommended character levels and weapon upgrades outlined in the progression route, adventurers can ensure they are adequately equipped to face the challenges.

Balancing act: The perils of under-leveling

One of the most common pitfalls encountered by players in Elden Ring is the peril of under-leveling. Rushing headlong into battle without proper preparation can spell disaster, leading to countless defeats and dashed hopes. Players are advised to approach each encounter cautiously to avoid this fate, taking the time to grind levels and acquire essential upgrades before venturing into uncharted territory.

As players traverse the vast expanse of The Lands Between, embarking on a journey fraught with peril and possibility, they are reminded of the timeless adage: fortune favors the bold. With each step forward, they inch closer to the heart of darkness, where legends are forged, and destinies are shaped. In Elden Ring, the journey is as rewarding as the destination, offering boundless opportunities for discovery and adventure.

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