Opera set to launch its AI-powered iOS browser in Europe


  • Opera has announced the launch of the iOS version of its AI-powered browser in Europe.
  • Shaping the future of growing with AI technology.

Opera, the renowned browser developer based in Norway, has unveiled plans to launch a cutting-edge AI-powered browser tailored for iOS users in Europe. This strategic move comes in the wake of Apple’s commitment to allow alternative browser engines on iOS, aligning with the stipulations of the European Digital Markets Act (DMA). The DMA mandates a departure from Apple’s previous requirement for third-party browsers to utilize the WebKit browser engine, the same engine powering Apple’s Safari browser.

Opera takes its AI-powered browser to Europe

Historically, Apple enforced the use of the WebKit engine for third-party browsers, creating uniformity in the browsing experience across iOS devices. The change introduced by the DMA signifies a pivotal shift, enabling developers to submit browsers not reliant on WebKit. This alteration applies to both standalone web browsers and in-app browsers used for displaying web content within iOS applications. Opera views this development as an opportunity to provide iPhone users with a sophisticated AI-powered alternative to the Safari browser.

Jørgen Arnesen, EVP Mobile at the firm, expressed enthusiasm for the changes facilitated by the DMA, emphasizing the intention to foster healthy competition and offer users a more diverse selection of browsers on iOS. Arnesen stated, “We intend to deliver on this with the AI-centric Opera One for iOS.” A notable aspect of Apple’s response to the DMA is the implementation of a browser choice screen for iOS. This feature simplifies the process for users to select their preferred browser as the default option on their mobile devices. Arnesen welcomed this move, recognizing its potential to empower users and enhance the overall browsing experience on iOS.

Shaping the future of growing with AI technology

While specific details about the upcoming browser remain undisclosed, it is slated to debut in March, coinciding with the enforcement of the DMA. It’s essential to note that these regulatory changes are currently applicable exclusively within the European Union. Opera, however, expressed a desire for Apple to extend these newfound freedoms globally, emphasizing the importance of a more open and flexible iOS ecosystem. In addition to the forthcoming browser, Opera hinted at a significant investment in a key AI infrastructure project in Europe.

This strategic move aligns with the firm’s commitment to advancing AI technologies. Last year, Opera introduced its “Aria” browser AI and unveiled a redesigned flagship desktop browser named Opera One—a name that will also be associated with the new iOS browser. Opera’s vision for Opera One includes elements that position it as a browser ready for a “generative AI-based future.” As the iOS browser landscape undergoes a transformation prompted by regulatory changes, Opera strategically positions itself to leverage the flexibility afforded by the DMA.

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