Opera Introduces Built-In Local AI Models in Browser

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  • Opera browser now has local AI models for faster, private browsing.
  • Users can access 150 AI variants, like Mixtral and Llama, in Opera’s AI Feature Drops Program.
  • This innovation could give Opera an edge in the browser market by enhancing browsing experiences.

Opera, the Oslo-based web browser, has made a significant stride in Artificial Intelligence (AI) by becoming the first major browser to offer built-in access to local AI models. This pioneering move provides users access to 150 variants of local Large Language Models (LLMs) encompassing approximately 50 families, including Mixtral from Mistral AI, Llama from Meta, Gemma from Google, and Vicuna.

Advantages of local AI models

Jan Standal, the Vice President at Opera, highlighted the advantages of incorporating local LLMs directly into the browser. He emphasized that these models enable users to process prompts on their machines without sending data to external servers, ensuring full privacy and even offline functionality. Moreover, the absence of communication delays with external servers can significantly enhance response times, offering a seamless browsing experience.

This new feature is currently available in the developer stream of Opera One, introduced as part of the company’s AI Feature Drops Program, catering to early adopters. It serves as a complimentary addition to Opera’s native Aria AI service. Whether these built-in local LLMs will transition into the main browsers depends on the feedback from the early adopter community and future advancements in AI technology.

To utilize any available LLMs, users must upgrade to the latest version of Opera Developer and activate the feature. Once the desired model variant is downloaded, it replaces Aria until users switch it back on or initiate a new chat with the AI.

Implications and prospects

Jan Standal emphasized the transformative potential of AI in enhancing web browsing experiences. With the integration of local LLMs, Opera is pushing the boundaries further, exploring new avenues that could redefine browsing experiences. This move is particularly noteworthy amidst an increasingly competitive AI landscape, where Opera aims to distinguish itself by providing innovative features.

Opera holds an estimated 4.88% market share in Europe and 3.15% globally and has been recognized for its built-in features, such as the free VPN, ad blocker, and cashback service. The addition of access to local LLMs further solidifies its position in the market, potentially offering a competitive edge.

Opera’s integration of built-in local AI models represents a significant milestone in the evolution of web browsers. By prioritizing user privacy, enhancing response times, and exploring new possibilities in AI technology, Opera is poised to redefine the browsing experience for its users. As the company continues to gather feedback from early adopters and navigate the evolving landscape of AI, it remains to be seen how this innovative feature will shape the future of web browsing.

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