OpenAI’s ChatGPT Dominates AI Tool Traffic, Study Finds


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  • OpenAI’s ChatGPT is the most popular AI tool, accounting for 60% of traffic between September 2022 and August 2023.
  • The AI industry has seen massive growth, with a 10.7 times increase in visits, reaching 3.3 billion visits in the last six months.
  • AI chatbot tools are the most used, the United States leads in traffic, and there’s a gender imbalance with 69.5% male users.

In a recent comprehensive study conducted by Writerbuddy, analyzing the usage trends of the top 50 artificial intelligence (AI) tools, OpenAI’s ChatGPT has emerged as the undisputed leader, constituting a remarkable 60% of all traffic visits between September 2022 and August 2023.

AI tools experience unprecedented growth

The AI industry has experienced an extraordinary surge in the utilization of generative AI tools over the past year. This study, which employed SEMrush, a prominent SEO tool, focused on the top 50 most visited AI tools, encompassing over 80% of the industry’s traffic during the study period. The data revealed a staggering growth rate of 10.7 times, equating to an average monthly increase of 236.3 million visits.

The AI industry has witnessed an unprecedented increase in engagement, with an average of 2 billion visits per month over the past year, reaching a peak of 3.3 billion visits in the last six months. Collectively, the top 50 AI tools garnered over 24 billion visits during the study period, with OpenAI’s ChatGPT alone amassing a remarkable 14 billion visits. This surge underscores the growing interest and reliance on AI tools across various sectors.

The study also shed light on the geographical distribution of AI tool traffic. The United States emerged as the largest contributor, accounting for 5.5 billion visits, representing 22.62% of the total traffic. European countries collectively contributed 3.9 billion visits, further emphasizing the global reach of AI tools.

AI Chatbots reign supreme

Among the various AI tools analyzed, AI chatbot tools stood out as the most popular category, amassing a substantial 19.1 billion visits. This indicates the widespread adoption of chatbots across industries, from customer support to marketing and beyond.

The study also highlighted the importance of mobile accessibility, with over 63% of AI tool users accessing these tools via mobile devices. This trend reflects the increasing need for on-the-go AI solutions, catering to the demands of a mobile-centric world.

Notably, the data revealed a significant gender disparity in AI tool usage, with 69.5% of users being male, while only 30.5% were female. This discrepancy raises important questions about gender inclusivity and the need for a more balanced user base in the AI industry.

Top gainers and losers in AI tool traffic

The study identified the top gainers and losers in AI tool traffic during the study period:

Top gainers

ChatGPT (Net Growth: 1.8 billion visits)

Character AI (Net Growth: 463.4 million visits)

Google Bard (Net Growth: 68 million visits)

Top losers

Craiyon (Net Loss: 15 million visits)

MidJourney (Net Loss: 8.66 million visits)

Quillbot (Net Loss: 5 million visits)

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