NYU Establishes BLOCKCHAIN a Major on Campus

Have you ever heard of Blockchain as a major subject in any university? Yes, the New York University (NYU) is all set to offer a new major that will be based on Blockchains. However, the university officials do not know the future impacts of this subject on the corporate world, but they are very enthusiastic about it.

University professors have a very positive attitude towards this new major. They believe that the time will come when companies will like to appoint blockchain degree holders to deal with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Furthermore, many students are moving towards new subjects like cryptocurrency and exchanges from traditional disciplines. David Yermack stated that his old students are willing to attend his lectures related to blockchain technology.

Though NYU is on the top of the list, Standford University is also in the race of offering subjects in cryptocurrencies that is why whenever a new technology is introduced in the world, the Silicon Valley is behind it. Some professors at NYU were giving lectures on Bitcoins for many years. Professors Yermack was even invited to Basel for his lectures on Bitcoin.

Many Financial experts believe that Bitcoin will die out, but like Professor Yermack many other have firm belief that bitcoin is far from dead and will not going to happen. That is why universities are offering cryptocurrency education to fulfill students` demands. In near future companies` workforce will be consist of professionals with blockchains a cryptocurrencies background. NYU`s new major on blockchain is the victory of the crypto industry.