NYC’s AI-Powered Chatbot Under Fire for Dispensing False Information


  • NYC’s AI chatbot, designed to help small businesses, is criticized for giving the wrong advice.
  • Mayor Eric Adams defends keeping the chatbot despite acknowledging its flaws.
  • Experts warn about the dangers of relying on unproven AI systems without proper oversight.

New York City’s AI-powered chatbot, designed to aid small business owners, faces heavy criticism for dispensing inaccurate and misleading advice. Despite reports of flawed guidance, Mayor Eric Adams has maintained the tool on the official government website, defending the decision while acknowledging its shortcomings.

Criticism mounts over inaccurate advice

Launched in October as a resource hub for navigating the city’s bureaucratic landscape, the chatbot has been scrutinized for providing erroneous information on various topics, including housing policies, worker rights, and business regulations. Critics argue that the bot’s flawed responses underscore the risks of governments embracing AI technology without sufficient oversight.

Computer science professor Julia Stoyanovich from New York University’s Center for Responsible AI has criticized the city’s approach, labeling it reckless and irresponsible. She asserts that the rollout of unproven software without proper oversight poses significant challenges. Meanwhile, Mayor Adams maintains that encountering issues is a natural part of implementing new technology and suggests that addressing them is crucial for improvement.

Calls for accountability and improvement

As concerns mount over the chatbot’s inaccuracies, experts emphasize the need for accountability and improvement. Rosalind Black, Citywide Housing Director at Legal Services NYC, highlights the bot’s misinformation regarding housing policy, stressing the importance of accurate guidance. Similarly, industry professionals like Andrew Rigie from the NYC Hospitality Alliance warn of the potential liabilities of providing businesses with incorrect legal information.

Despite criticism, the NYC Office of Technology and Innovation remains committed to enhancing the chatbot’s accuracy and effectiveness. While acknowledging the pilot program’s flaws, spokesperson Leslie Brown emphasizes its positive impact in providing timely assistance to thousands of users. The city pledges to continue refining the tool to better support small businesses across New York City.

New York City’s AI-powered chatbot, intended to assist small business owners, faces scrutiny for disseminating inaccurate and misleading information. Critics raise concerns over the potential risks of deploying AI technology without adequate oversight. However, city officials remain committed to improving the chatbot’s performance and ensuring its accuracy in supporting the needs of entrepreneurs across the city.

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