Nvidia GeForce Now Introduces Advertisements for Free Tier Users


  • Nvidia’s GeForce Now will show ads to free users during queue times starting March 5th, aiming to boost revenue and cut wait times.
  • The ads might last up to 2 minutes but could improve the service by earning more money and lightening server load.
  • GeForce Now works best with a strong internet connection and top-notch servers, delivering great gameplay, especially on devices like the Steam Deck.

Nvidia’s game streaming service, GeForce Now, is set to implement advertisements for its free tier users starting March 5th. This move departs from its initial ad-free model and aims to monetize the platform while potentially reducing user queue times.

Ad implementation to commence on March 5th

According to reports from The Verge, Nvidia will begin displaying advertisements to free-tier users while they wait in the queue for a server space. The ads, which could span up to 2 minutes, are intended to capitalize on user wait times and generate revenue for the platform.

Introducing ads during queue times may generate mixed reactions among GeForce Now users. While Nvidia hopes this addition will eventually streamline queue periods, some users may find the interruption disruptive to their gaming experience. 

However, Nvidia assures that ads will not be displayed during gameplay, alleviating concerns about interruptions during gaming sessions.

Potential benefits and considerations

Nvidia anticipates several potential benefits from the introduction of advertisements. Firstly, it expects the injection of ads to bolster GeForce Now’s revenue stream. Additionally, by monetizing queue times, Nvidia aims to mitigate server load by dissuading some users from queuing up, thus potentially reducing wait times for others. However, the effectiveness of this strategy remains to be seen.

Optimizing GeForce now performance

GeForce Now’s optimal performance depends on various factors, including a stable internet connection and access to powerful servers. The platform shines when users are connected to high-end servers equipped with RTX 4080 graphics cards. This is particularly evident when utilizing handheld PCs like the Steam Deck. However, users with latency issues may encounter frustrations, especially in latency-sensitive games.

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