Nigeria holds Binance execs, eyes March 20 court hearing


  • Two Binance officials, Tigran Gambaryan and Nadeem Anjarwalla, will stay detained in Nigeria until their court hearing on March 20.
  • Their detention follows allegations against Binance of contributing to the devaluation of the Nigerian naira.
  • Nigeria’s Central Bank Governor disclosed $26 billion in untraceable Binance transactions, highlighting capital control issues.

In a recent development reported by the Wall Street Journal, two high-ranking officials from Binance, the global cryptocurrency exchange, are to remain in detention in Nigeria. The officials, American Tigran Gambaryan and U.K.-Kenyan Nadeem Anjarwalla, are scheduled for a court hearing on March 20. Their arrest on February 26 came after their arrival in Abuja to discuss with the Nigerian government. Despite not facing any formal charges, they find themselves in the center of a dispute involving national security concerns and economic implications for Nigeria.

The situation unfolds as Binance navigates through a challenging landscape in Nigeria. The government has leveled serious allegations against the company. They claim Binance’s operations contributed to the devaluation of the Nigerian naira. This situation has led to a heightened scrutiny of Binance’s activities within the country. It has escalated to the point where Gambaryan and Anjarwalla’s detention became a matter of international attention.

Binance faces legal hurdles in Nigerian currency crisis

Nigeria is grappling with a significant economic challenge, primarily focusing on a foreign exchange crisis. Central Bank governor Olayemi Cardoso highlighted the gravity of the situation by disclosing that $26 billion in transactions through Binance Nigeria remained untraceable last year. This revelation underscores the government’s urgent need to control capital outflows and stabilize the national currency. The detentions of the Binance executives are viewed through the lens of national security, as stated by a spokesperson for Nigeria’s National Security Adviser. The case has sparked a complex debate on the impact of cryptocurrency exchanges on national economies.

In response to these events, Binance has actively sought to address the situation. The company took to social media, emphasizing its commitment to returning its detained colleagues. However, the outcome of the upcoming hearing remains uncertain. The Nigerian authorities have been given additional time to respond to the legal arguments presented by the defense.

Legal proceedings and global response

The international community is closely watching the legal proceedings involving Binance in Nigeria. The case not only affects the individuals detained but also has broader implications for the cryptocurrency industry. It highlights the challenges of navigating the regulatory landscapes of different countries. For Binance, this incident is a critical test of its operational resilience and its ability to engage with governmental bodies worldwide.

As the March 20 hearing approaches, the cryptocurrency world awaits the decision that could set precedents for how countries handle disputes with global exchanges like Binance. The situation in Nigeria serves as a reminder of the complex interplay between national security, economic stability, and the burgeoning field of digital finance.

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