Nigeria and Binance are still very much in a fight over naira


  • Nigeria is demanding transaction data and information on Binance’s top 100 Nigerian users over the past six months.
  • The demand stems from the nation’s effort to stabilize its currency amidst economic crisis and inflation hitting 29.9%.
  • Authorities detained two Binance executives, spotlighting the tension between the Nigerian government and the cryptocurrency exchange.

The heat is on and the spotlight is firmly on Binance as Nigeria pulls up its sleeves, digging deep into the operations of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. This isn’t just a spat in the park; it’s a full-blown brawl over the future of the naira, Nigeria’s currency, and by extension, its economy. As tensions escalate, two senior Binance execs find themselves caught in the middle, their freedom hanging in the balance for over three weeks now. Nigeria isn’t playing games; it demands a deep dive into Binance’s books, seeking data on the top 100 Nigerian users and a comprehensive transaction history of the past six months. Why, you ask? Because Nigeria suspects Binance might be the big bad wolf in its economic saga, potentially destabilizing the naira during a period of severe currency devaluation.

A Deep Dive into the Heart of the Matter

It seems Nigeria’s got its back against the wall, facing its worst economic crisis in three decades. With inflation through the roof at a staggering 29.9%, thanks to a recent currency devaluation, the government is on a mission. President Bola Tinubu and his team are on a reform spree, aiming to woo foreign investors back into Nigeria’s arms. But here’s the twist: cryptocurrency platforms, with Binance leading the pack, have become the people’s champ, offering an alternate reality to the naira’s official storyline.

When Nigerian authorities decided to cut off access to crypto sites and snag a couple of Binance’s big guns upon their visit to Abuja, it wasn’t just a statement; it was a declaration of war. Binance, not one to sit quietly, pulled the naira from its trading options, a move that reverberated across the financial sphere. These two execs, Nadeem Anjarwalla and Tigran Gambaryan, find themselves in a peculiar situation, holed up in a guest house with their movement and communication restricted, all for the sake of national security, or so it’s claimed.

But let’s cut to the chase: Nigeria is bleeding from currency speculation, and Binance, with its colossal $26 billion transactions, is in the hot seat. The government’s move to let the market decide the naira’s fate post-devaluation hasn’t panned out as expected. Accusations are flying left and right, with Binance allegedly stepping on the central bank’s toes, acting as the unintended arbiter of the naira’s value. It’s a mess, with talks of a whopping $10 billion fine on Binance for allegedly tanking Nigeria’s economy. But remember, in negotiations, the first number thrown on the table is just the opening act.

The Faces Behind the Scene

Caught in the crossfire are Anjarwalla and Gambaryan, two men who represent much more than just Binance’s interests in Africa. Their detention is a chess move by Nigeria, perhaps hoping to leverage their situation in the broader economic battle. Yet, despite the high stakes, reports suggest they’re being treated well, probably to avoid any international backlash, given their home countries’ standing with Nigeria.

The saga has pulled in various actors, from the anxious spouse of Anjarwalla, left in the dark by the British government’s sluggish response, to the US State Department, which remains tight-lipped about its actions. This isn’t just a business dispute; it’s a diplomatic dance, delicate and fraught with implications far beyond the immediate players.

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