NCSA Release New Guidelines in Qatar for AI Development and Security 


  • The National Cyber Security Agency of Qatar released guidelines. They aim to ensure the safe use of AI. The guidelines focus on balancing innovation with security.
  • The guidelines offer a roadmap for organizations. They stress strategic planning, the best security practices, and the value of AI solutions.
  • A conference highlighted AI’s role in cybersecurity. It urged collaboration for ethical use and to address digital transformation challenges.

The NCSA in Qatar unveiled a crucial set of guidelines yesterday. It was a pivotal move to safeguard the future of technology. These rules aim to steer the safe use and development of artificial intelligence (AI) across various sectors. This development is a big stride. It addresses the need for both innovation and cybersecurity in the fast-changing AI landscape.

Bridging innovation and security

The 36-page guideline, available in both Arabic and English, sets a new standard in the integration of AI technologies. NCSA focuses on the core triad of people, process, and technology. It lays down a clear pathway for entities to follow. This ensures a balanced and secure adoption of AI.

NCSA President, Eng. Abdulrahman bin Ali Al Farahid Al Malki, highlighted the agency’s commitment to nurturing a safe technological environment. The mission is to embrace AI’s potential while safeguarding against its risks. Al Malki emphasized the role of cybersecurity as both a catalyst and a safeguard for AI technologies.

A strategic blueprint by the NCSA

The guidelines highlight the importance of strategic planning in the AI adoption process. Organizations are encouraged to assess their AI needs critically. They should focus on selecting, securing, and getting value from AI. This approach ensures that the use of AI is strategic. It also keeps it secure and in line with the organization’s goals.

To combat the inherent risks associated with AI, the guidelines present a list of security best practices. These practices provide a solid foundation for organizations to build or enhance their AI systems securely. These recommendations are flexible. They allow entities to tailor their cybersecurity measures to fit their specific operations.

At a conference organized by NCSA, Eng. Dana Al Abdulla, Director of National Cyber Governance and Assurance Affairs, spoke about the transformative power of AI. She emphasized that humanity is at a turning point, where the use of AI is not just an option but a necessity. Al Abdulla’s comments reflected a keen awareness of the challenges and opportunities presented by AI, stressing the need for effective collaboration to navigate this new terrain.

The conference served as a platform for discussing AI’s governance, ethical use, and its potential to revolutionize cybersecurity strategies. Experts from various fields had engaging discussions. They explored how AI could address current and future security challenges. Also, they highlighted the importance of responsible AI use.

A call for collective action

NCSA’s guidelines are a call to action for organizations and individuals alike. The agency outlines clear, doable steps for the safe adoption of AI. It aims to foster innovation and to protect society’s digital well-being.

This initiative reflects a broader view. It sees cybersecurity as an enabler, not an obstacle, to digital change. It shows the need for a unified approach. This approach must be at national and international levels to harness the full potential of AI technologies safely. The launch of NCSA’s AI guidelines is a critical milestone. It’s a part of Qatar’s journey towards a secure and innovative digital future. AI continues to shape many sectors and these guidelines help organizations overcome the obstacles of digital change with confidence.

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