Nasdaq to Combat Financial Crime with AI Technology


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  • Nasdaq strengthens security with AI to combat financial crime.
  • Nasdaq’s CEO commits to significant AI investments for market safety.
  • Bitcoin ETF approval heralds new era in US markets.

In a significant move to bolster its anti-crime efforts, Nasdaq, the American stock exchange, is set to harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI). The incorporation of AI technology promises to revolutionize the identification and prevention of criminal behavior within the financial sector. This proactive stance by Nasdaq comes as a response to the escalating demand for robust measures to thwart increasingly sophisticated malicious actors in the industry.

Collaborative approach for enhanced security

Nasdaq is forging strategic partnerships with banks, other exchanges, and brokerage firms, equipping them with the necessary AI-driven software to effectively eliminate potential threats. This collaborative effort is aimed at enhancing the overall security measures within the financial sector.

Adena Friedman, Nasdaq’s Chief Executive Officer, underscored the company’s substantial commitment to advanced solutions, stating, “We are investing in the technology in a very significant way.” This commitment signifies Nasdaq’s dedication to staying at the forefront of financial market security.

Paving the way for a secure market environment in 2024

Nasdaq, alongside several other exchanges, has submitted filings for the listing of the recently approved spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Following the SEC’s approval, these highly anticipated products are poised to make their debut on US markets, including those operated by the NYSE, Cboe Global Markets, and Nasdaq.

The presence of significant trading firms is expected to provide the necessary liquidity to facilitate a smooth launch. These products will not only grant retail customers easy access to Bitcoin exposure through their conventional brokerage apps and accounts but also offer traditional financial institutions an alternative investment avenue without the need to engage with cryptocurrency exchanges.

Increased accessibility and investor optimism

Adena Friedman highlighted the significance of this development in increasing accessibility to this specific asset class. She expressed optimism about investors’ readiness to allocate more capital to Bitcoin and related products in the coming year.

In a broader perspective encompassing capital markets at large, Friedman anticipates a more dynamic environment for initial public offerings (IPOs) in 2024, offering a cautious yet positive outlook. Notably, in a year marked by subdued dealmaking, Nasdaq outperformed the New York Stock Exchange in terms of listings.

AI integration for a secure and efficient market

The integration of AI technology is set to usher in a new era for Nasdaq, promising smoother trading experiences while safeguarding the interests of customers and industry stakeholders. This initiative reinforces Nasdaq’s commitment to ensuring a secure and efficient market environment, especially as it anticipates a more dynamic dealmaking landscape in 2024.

Nasdaq’s adoption of AI technology to combat financial crime is a decisive step toward fortifying the integrity and security of the financial sector. Through collaborative efforts and substantial investments in advanced solutions, Nasdaq aims to stay ahead of the evolving threats posed by malicious actors. The forthcoming launch of Bitcoin-related products and a positive outlook for IPOs in 2024 underscore Nasdaq’s proactive approach to innovation and its commitment to facilitating a secure and prosperous financial market.

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