Russia’s MTS telecom giant announces ads services that target Telegram users


  • Reports have it that Russia aims to grow its digital marketing industry using its giant Telecom platform MTS to target users in the Telegram social media platform. 
  • Per the launched ads services, the MTS platform confirms that the services only target Russian number operations. 
  • MTS plans to increase advertising revenue by 2.5–3.5 times over the year to 7–10 billion rubles.

The crypto world is an ever-growing technology that has realized stiff competition among regions and individual companies. In getting the right audience and a wider reach, digital marketing strategies have been employed, and among the latest ones is Russia using its giant Telecom platform MTS to target users in the Telegram social media platform. 

The giant company has plans to launch an advertising service that aims to reach millions of new enthusiasts to join their networks through Telegram. Such a move could bring implications into the digital world, regardless of the telecom giant seeking to boost its revenue and market reach. 

MTS’s ads service move on Telegram 

The MST, Russia’s largest telecommunication firm, has reported claims of launching an advertising service that targets users on Telegram. However, according to the social message application, this is not the case, as it denies placing such plans with the Russian firm. 

The announcement made on October 17th outlined the launch of the ads service in regard to client targeting on specific channels, interests, categories, and geolocations. However, the MTS platform confirms that the services only target Russian number operations. For the rest of the global ecosystem, this is yet to be known. 

According to Telegram’s spokesperson Remi Vaughn, the company hasn’t entered into any agreements with the Russian-based firm. In a response to the news, Telegram commented on the matter stating:

 They may be accessing Telegram ad platform features via one of the global ad agencies we work with, but we can confirm that no partnership or agreement exists between Telegram and MTS.


MTS talked about the new service that is to be offered and touts the promotion of messages, bots, channels, and groups on the Telegram platform. These also include message links that redirect to external sources in the Telegram ads. 

The giant telecommunication company intends to turn the Telegram platform “into a performance tool with a high level of trust.” MTS intends to reach an audience of 55 million Russians daily. 

MTS intentions with Telegram 

According to a statement by Elena Melnikova, MTS advertising director, stated that the launch would allow clients to use Telegram-based services for gathering external user data. She further commented on the launch:

 Russian businesses and advertising agencies will be able to launch advertising in Telegram based on external data – MTS Big Data segments, their own CRM systems based on phone numbers.

Elena Melnikova

In addition, the service is set to the exclusion of the minimum budget threshold. This implies that users can develop and run ads for any amount they prefer. The cost per message will be tagged on minimum-sized businesses to the MTS database and will be fixed at 90 kopecks. This is about $0.0092.

Moreover, according to the intentions of the telecommunication company, the MTS service will be under Russian advert laws and bound by the frameworks within. Currently, the MTS firm serves a whopping 80 million customers and intends to reach at least half of this number of users on a daily basis. 

However, it is yet to be known if the Russian-based telecom service providers have official plans to link with Telegram in providing advertising services. 

On the other hand, Telegram has over 400 million users, and this vast wealth of users is what MTS targets. It intends to access these users while still taking accurate security measures to provide impeccable service protection and privacy. 

Among the ad formats to be used are banners, videos, and sponsored messages. As such, this would allow users to take advantage of and tailor their advertising campaigns to their specific preferences. Considering that Telegram advertising is still a new concept, many companies have taken to the platform to realize its advertising capabilities. 

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