MSI Claw Unleashed: Breakthrough Pricing in Handheld Gaming


  • MSI launches the Claw handheld gaming PC with three models starting at $700, directly competing with Lenovo and Asus in the gaming market.
  • The Claw features Intel processors, with the entry-level model boasting a unique balance of GPU and CPU performance for optimal gaming.
  • Despite stiff competition, the Claw distinguishes itself with features like Hall effect thumbsticks, Wi-Fi 7 support, and a superior battery life.

In a bold move into the handheld gaming PC market, MSI has announced the launch of its new gaming device, the MSI Claw, setting the stage for a fierce competition with industry giants Lenovo and Asus. With a starting price of $700, the Claw is designed to deliver a high-quality gaming experience at a value that challenges its rivals head-on.

Introducing the MSI Claw: Models and Pricing

MSI’s lineup for the Claw includes three distinct models, each tailored to meet the needs of different gamers without compromising on performance. The range begins with the Claw A1M-052US, priced at $700, featuring a 512GB SSD and powered by the Intel Core Ultra 5 135H processor. For those seeking more storage and power, the Claw A1M-051US offers a 512GB SSD with the Core Ultra 7 155H processor at $750. The top-tier model, the Claw A1M-050US, boasts a 1TB SSD and the same high-performance Ultra 7 processor, available for $800.

Performance Insights: Processor and Capabilities

At the heart of the MSI Claw’s entry-level model is the Intel Meteor Lake Core Ultra 5 135H processor, a blend of efficiency and performance cores designed to optimize gaming experiences. Despite having fewer performance cores compared to some alternatives, the Ultra 5 chip’s 8 Xe-cores in its GPU ensure that the Claw remains competitive in graphical performance. This suggests that the Claw is capable of delivering a satisfying gaming experience, particularly for titles that rely heavily on GPU performance.

The Competitive Landscape

The handheld gaming market is no stranger to competition, with devices powered by AMD’s Ryzen processors, such as the Ryzen 7 7840U and Z1 Extreme, setting high standards for performance. The MSI Claw enters this arena with unique features that set it apart, including Hall effect thumbsticks for enhanced control and Wi-Fi 7 support for future-proof connectivity. Additionally, the Claw’s 53Whr battery surpasses those found in mainstream handhelds from Asus and Lenovo, promising longer gaming sessions on the go.

First Impressions and Market Position

Early interactions with the MSI Claw suggest a device that, while solid in its capabilities, may not immediately stand out against the polished finish of competitors like the Lenovo Legion Go. However, the Claw’s competitive pricing and specific hardware advantages, such as its larger battery and advanced connectivity options, position it as a compelling choice for gamers looking for a portable and powerful gaming PC.


With the introduction of the MSI Claw, MSI is making a clear statement in the handheld gaming market, offering a device that balances price, performance, and unique features. While it faces tough competition from established brands like Lenovo and Asus, the Claw’s distinct advantages make it a noteworthy option for gamers. As the market for handheld gaming PCs continues to grow, the MSI Claw stands out as a device that offers both value and performance, catering to the needs of gamers who demand the best of both worlds.

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