Most promising crypto projects on the horizon right now

Many crypto projects have entered the market in the last couple of years. The last bull run brought major investments into new crypto startups around the globe. Companies using blockchain are starting to use the technology to solve real-world issues that people deal with daily, and more crypto projects than ever are coming to fruition. Some of the most promising crypto projects aim to rethink traditional industries in new ways. Industries like healthcare, global supply chains, and even the telecom industry are set to be upended by what blockchain can offer. Here are some of the most promising crypto projects on the horizon today:


Blockchain networks are decentralized ledgers where transactions can live on a transparent network, but they’re not connected to the internet on their own. For that, blockchain protocols need to use oracle networks, and one of the largest and most promising is Chainlink. Chainlink’s oracle network can connect smart contracts to the internet to do anything from pull the latest token prices for an exchange to enable entertainment companies to connect to the internet but use blockchain as a transaction mechanism.


Streaming platforms have long been associated with controversy from musicians who only earn pennies per play from streaming giants. Blockchain promises to allow artists more freedom to earn more from their fans on platforms like Audius, which use cryptocurrency and NFTs to give artists and fans more freedom.


Both internet penetration and banking are issues throughout Africa, where only 30% of individuals have regular connectivity to the internet. As much as 17% of the global population of unbanked individuals are located in Africa as well. Treating these issues as one and the same can enable positive change, which is what 3air is doing with its hybrid telecom and DeFi platform. The company is using K3 Last Mile technology to bring high-speed connectivity to even the most remote parts of Africa, with a second initiative to onboard millions of users to the DeFi world without needing them first to have centralized bank accounts.


The impact that blockchain can have on increasing supply chain transparency is perhaps one of the most anticipated use cases for the technology. VeChain, a blockchain company looking to help increase supply chain transparency around the globe, provides enterprise blockchain solutions for companies looking to record their supply chain transactions on a transparent network. Luxury goods can also use the company to create instant authentication of goods through the blockchain.


Also part of the supply chain solutions that blockchain can offer, Tracr is the world’s first blockchain-based supply chain tracker that works specifically on increasing supply chain transparency within the diamond trade. Diamond mining throughout Africa has long been rife with controversy, and the transparency of blockchain can help consumers make more informed decisions when purchasing authentic diamonds while increasing the price of sustainably harvested diamonds around the globe.

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