Prime Minister Modi and Nvidia CEO Discuss India’s AI Potential in High-Level Meeting


  • Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi engages in discussions with Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang on India’s promising role in the artificial intelligence (AI) sector.
  • PM Modi highlights India’s progress in AI during the meeting, while Huang expresses optimism about India’s talented youth.
  • The meeting underscores India’s growing focus on AI technology and its significance in education and innovation.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently engaged in a significant meeting with Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang to explore India’s burgeoning potential in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). The high-level discussion brought to light India’s strides in AI technology and its capacity to harness this innovation for various sectors. In a post on a social media platform, PM Modi shared insights from the meeting, emphasizing the CEO’s appreciation for India’s advancements in AI and the country’s talented youth.

India’s AI potential recognized by Nvidia CEO

During the meeting, Prime Minister Modi and Jensen Huang delved into the transformative possibilities offered by artificial intelligence. PM Modi’s post on social media highlighted the CEO’s recognition of India’s substantial potential in the realm of AI. The discussion served as a testament to India’s commitment to fostering innovation and technological advancement.

In his post, PM Modi conveyed the positive sentiment expressed by Jensen Huang regarding India’s achievements in the AI sector. Huang’s acknowledgment of India’s progress reflects the country’s increasing prominence on the global AI landscape. The CEO expressed optimism about India’s youth, recognizing their potential to contribute significantly to the AI industry.

AI’s crucial role in education and innovation discussed

In a related context, Prime Minister Modi previously emphasized the critical role of G20 nations in effectively leveraging digital technology. He noted that digital technology serves as a force multiplier, enhancing access to education and adapting to future needs. PM Modi highlighted the importance of striking a balance between the opportunities and challenges posed by digital technology, particularly in the context of education.

During a G20 Education Ministers’ Meeting held earlier, PM Modi underscored the substantial potential of artificial intelligence in the fields of learning, skilling, and education. He emphasized that G20 countries possess unique strengths that can facilitate research and innovation, particularly in regions like the Global South. PM Modi urged dignitaries to facilitate increased research collaborations to harness the full potential of AI.

Prime Minister Modi emphasized the pivotal role of education in shaping India’s civilization and humanity’s future. He stressed that continuous skilling, re-skilling, and up-skilling are essential for preparing the youth for the challenges of the future. PM Modi also highlighted India’s initiative in setting up ten thousand ‘Atal Tinkering Labs’ across the country, nurturing research and innovation among schoolchildren. These labs, he noted, have engaged over 7.5 million students in more than 1.2 million innovative projects, exemplifying India’s commitment to fostering innovation and nurturing future talent.

India’s emerging leadership in AI

The rendezvous between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the esteemed Nvidia CEO, Jensen Huang, serves as an illuminating beacon, casting a luminous and discerning gaze upon the burgeoning prominence of India within the intricate realm of artificial intelligence. In a manifestation of sagacious discernment, the two visionary leaders, cognizant of India’s remarkable strides in the domain of AI technology, reiterate and underscore the nation’s unwavering commitment to the relentless pursuit of innovation and relentless technological advancement.

The Prime Minister’s astute and perspicacious emphasis on the boundless potential inherent in artificial intelligence, particularly its transformative and pivotal role in the spheres of education and innovation, not only reinforces but also magnifies the significance of this groundbreaking and paradigm-shifting technology. This resounding endorsement augments the profound impact AI is poised to wield in the ongoing evolution of learning and the development of skills, both within the geographical confines of India and on the grandiose global stage.

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