Microsoft Patents Groundbreaking In-Browser AI Technology for On-Device Processing


  • Microsoft’s patent lets you run AI in web browsers, speeding up performance and protecting your data.
  • Customize AI pipelines for personalized insights and easy modifications.
  • This innovation empowers users to use AI effectively, reshaping the industry.

Microsoft Corporation, a pioneer in the technology industry, has recently filed a patent that could revolutionize the way artificial intelligence (AI) is processed and utilized. The patent, unveiled on December 21, 2023, introduces a groundbreaking technology that enables users to create and run AI pipelines directly within web browsers on their devices. 

This innovation is poised to deliver improved performance, enhanced data privacy, customizable insight generation, and simplified AI pipeline visualization and modification.

Understanding AI pipelines

An AI pipeline is a structured sequence of one or more AI modules, each designed to execute specific tasks such as analyzing video, audio, images, or textual data and subsequently generating valuable insights. 

These insights encompass a broad spectrum, including transcripts, keywords, topics, objects, and facial recognition. AI pipelines find extensive application across various products and platforms, serving as the backbone for enhancing user experiences.

How Microsoft’s in-browser AI technology works

Microsoft’s patent introduces a user-friendly web portal through which individuals can access and manipulate AI pipelines to meet their specific insight objectives. The process involves several key steps:

Pipeline Selection and Customization: Users navigate to the web portal and select an AI pipeline based on their desired insights, effectively tailoring the analysis to their unique requirements.

Content Segmentation: Users provide their content to the web portal, which then segments the data into distinct data streams and data segments, preparing the information for AI processing.

Data Feature Generation: The web portal generates data features for each data segment, enabling the AI modules to work effectively.

AI Pipeline Execution: The portal loads and organizes the AI modules associated with the selected pipeline, initiating the execution of the AI pipeline to derive insights from the data features.

Insight Delivery: The generated insights are presented to users through a user interface or another interface provided by the web portal, making the valuable information readily accessible.

Advantages of Microsoft’s in-browser AI technology

The patent highlights several advantages of this innovative technology over existing AI processing solutions:

Improved Performance: The technology significantly reduces latency and bandwidth consumption by conducting AI processing directly on the user’s device, eliminating the delays associated with server-based or cloud-based computing environments.

Data Privacy: Processing content on the user’s device eliminates the necessity to transmit sensitive data to external servers or cloud services. This approach mitigates potential data security risks and ensures compliance with data privacy regulations, addressing growing concerns in an increasingly data-sensitive world.

Customized Insight Generation: Empowering users to select and fine-tune AI pipelines based on their insight objectives enhances the quality and relevance of generated insights, catering to individual needs and preferences.

AI Pipeline Visualization and Modification: The technology provides a user-friendly graphical representation of the AI pipeline and its components. This intuitive interface allows users to easily comprehend the pipeline’s structure and make modifications, including adding, removing, or rearranging AI modules and performing preprocessing or postprocessing tasks.

Microsoft’s groundbreaking patent has the potential to revolutionize the AI industry by placing AI’s power firmly in users’ hands. This innovative approach allows individuals to harness the capabilities of AI without incurring exorbitant computing costs or compromising data security. 

While the patent does not reveal specific details about when or how Microsoft intends to integrate this technology into its products or platforms, it underscores its commitment to delivering scalable, cost-efficient, and secure AI solutions.

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