MetaCartel Ventures to boost Ethereum dApps


MetaCartel Ventures now supports more funding in Ethereum realm. Decentralization theme is getting popular in the venture capital realm. Recently, MetaCartel Ventures has been launched by Peter Yuan Pan that will focus on Ethereum related investments. Interestingly, MetaCartel community started as a group associated with blockchain technologies which now supports a dedicated financing platform for Ethereum- dApps. All these developments ultimately paved the way independent DAO forks.

MetaCartel has been instrumental in many prominent financial backings given in the Ethereum industry to numerous programs involved in ETH realm. They focus on DeFi business models besides other blockchain startups. MetaCartel Ventures combines DAO with a legal entity that will focus on generating profits through Ethereum investments.

MetaCartel Ventures to boost Ethereum dApps

MCV uses Moloch’s V2 smart contracts standard that further helps define its legal status as well. DAO’s are generally associated with the community’s movements and behaves similar to a multi-unit ‘Limited Liability Company’ where voting rights are exercised by its members. The agreements are enforced via blockchain-powered smart contracts. The detailed explanation of such combination of blockchain technology and legal framework can be found in ZeroLaw org-Augmentation Protocol.

Having a clear legal boundary between blockchain and law helps describe the associated Ethereum-based investments. This helps boost the expected returns that Ethereum ecosystem provides to the investors.

MetaCartel Ventures redefining the Etherum investments

MetaCartel Ventures derives its strength from the active developer community, members, and investors. The money is carefully invested using various Ethereum dApps. The DAO members are divided into three positions, namely, ‘Summoners’, ‘Goblins’ and ‘Mages’.

Summoners help carry out the essential functions of the platform. Mages define how the assets should be managed to achieve the community’s investment goals. Goblins play a passive role in helping reach out to the investors. They are hybrid between Summoners and Mages.

Nonetheless, the very idea of a decentralized venture fund is empirical. How it performs in the real world and how much profits it generates is questionable.

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