Memoriapolis: A genre having a distinct grammar characterized by a town.


  • In Memoriapolis, one can find a combination of traditional historical study and micro-management approach when managing your virtual city across four different ages.
  • The Active interactive play in Memoriapolis lets you control surreal events and with each random event, your estate develops and changes.
  • The recent move of Memoriapolis to Steam Early Access is an especially nice addition to this special field of city building.

5 PM Studio introduced Memoriapolis (the first-of-its-kind city builder that compels the community to think of the ideal society that protects the well-being of the inhabitants that grows and flourishes). The game takes place in 4 timelines, and the player is one of the executives who have regulated the metropolis for 2500 years. Aside from these, one will have to undergo a lot of difficult periods and times of success.

Time traveling is a compelling and sometimes intricate idea that has been the domain of science fiction writers and their fans for decades already.

Memoriapolis invites players to embark on an epic journey spanning four pivotal epochs: Antique, medieval, Renaissance, and an age of reason. In the beginning, the history of cities starts with a small exploration camp, and by players watching the life of their city through stages, it will give new obstacles and chances. Unlike conventional city builder games, Memoriapolis drastically cuts down the historical accuracy, and instead of just letting the players to experience the uprising and the downfall of civilizations, it presents them all in all their pomp and grandeur.

Navigating challenges and triumphs

In the process of passing their cities through all ages, the players have to face different problems that test their leadership, strategic abilities as well ability to make quick feats. Be it riots and strikes or plague, which ended the lives of up to half the population of Europe, players have to act deliberately to bring problems under control, otherwise the city would be plunged into despair and chaos. On the other hand, Memoriapolis is a fascinating world in the way that it creates complex gaming scenarios which can be equated with the challenges of managing a city and, ultimately, every player’s decision will form a whole new future for the polity and its citizens.

Evolving gameplay mechanics

Mermoriapolis provides the ability to experiment with the gameplay based on the process of city building gameplay, ignoring micromanagement and using the approach of organic urban planning. The fact that players won’t have to draw out every single road and structure for the city; rather infrastructures will develop on its own to fill the thirst of the growing city. Planning then changes into the problem of the people’s needs, envisioning the landscape, and directing the city towards the future where it can be strong and prosperous. Besides, along with the city growing, the players will have rich opportunities to look into managing the economy and politics of the city with the important policies influencing the flow of history.

A projection into the future

The game’s date of release is not known yet, but gamers are already much looking forward to it. The game is getting ready for Steam Early Access, and it looks like an exciting mix of history simulation ad strategy. For the people who are seeking to make an impression in history, Memoriapolis implies a path back to antiquity, an interactive way to change history where each choice will create a new civilisation. Waiting for the game to arrive, players are able to learn about the similar themes of the medieval period in games for PC’s or go beyond the borders of the near future in hope of what to expect from best PC games of 2024.

The Memoriapolis experience goes beyond empire building and city life. It offers a distinct gamelike and captivating utility than any other game. Don’t miss out on our Google News page with the latest Memoriapolis and PC gaming news and take advantage of our PCGN prices tracker to sniff out the best gaming deals.

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