Memecoin (MEME) announces successful fire sale and upcoming Binance launchpool listing

Memecoin (MEME) announces successful fire sale and upcoming Binance launchpool listingMemecoin (MEME) announces successful fire sale and upcoming Binance launchpool listing

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  • Memeland, founded by the 9GAG team, reveals impressive Fire Sale results for its Memecoin (MEME) and garners $10 million in commitments.
  • Binance is set to list MEME on its Launchpool, offering a 30-day farming opportunity with massive rewards for users.

On October 28, the Web3 project, Memeland, made headlines as it finally disclosed the results of the anticipated Memecoin (MEME) Fire Sale. This community presale has been on the radar of numerous cryptocurrency enthusiasts and meme coin traders, given the intriguing origins and prospects of the MEME token.

Fire Sale achieves remarkable success

Memeland was conceived and created by the ingenious team behind 9GAG, the widely recognized meme-sharing platform and news site. Taking their passion for memes to the next level, the team ventured into the realm of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Memeland is not just another NFT marketplace; it embodies a blend of metaverses, gaming, and NFTs. This innovative combination suggests a promising future in the continually evolving digital world.

The Fire Sale results posted on Memeland’s official website revealed some impressive figures. From the whopping total MEME token supply of 69,000,000,000, 7,590,000,000 tokens were allocated for the Fire Sale, accounting for 11% of the overall supply. The fire sale offered a total of 25,300 units, with each unit containing 300,000 MEME tokens. 

The allowlist was fully consumed as all 21,544 slots were claimed, reflecting the overwhelming interest in this new token. Additionally, the MEME presale waitlist amassed 30,098 interested participants, with a 12.47% success rate for the MEME waitlist allocation. To put the icing on the cake, Memeland’s token sale commitments skyrocketed to an impressive $10 million on Thursday.

Binance welcomes MEME to its launchpool

Binance, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, officially announced the listing of Memecoin (MEME) on its renowned Launchpool on October 27. This significant step is set to kick off in a week, and trading will encompass the entire token supply of 69 billion MEME.

Given the volatile and unpredictable nature of the cryptocurrency world, Binance’s decision to list MEME on its Launchpool is seen as an experimental move. Memecoin’s entry into the Binance platform offers an opportunity to discern whether it will emerge as the newest sensation in the crypto realm or merely become a fleeting experiment.

However, the MEME team appears optimistic. In an encouraging tweet, they assured potential traders and investors, “If you haven’t got enough $MEME from Fire Sale, you can still farm $MEME from our @Binance Launchpool. You have ~29 days.” This offers an additional avenue for those who might have missed out on the Fire Sale or are looking to increase their MEME holdings.

Furthermore, Binance has showcased its confidence in the MEME project by earmarking a colossal total reward of 1,38,00,00,000 for users who will participate in a 30-day farming period.

What Lies ahead for Memecoin?

While it’s too early to definitively predict the trajectory of Memecoin, initial indicators suggest a promising journey ahead. The robust numbers from the Fire Sale coupled with Binance’s endorsement point towards a favorable reception in the crypto community.

Moreover, Memeland’s unique positioning, with its deep roots in the meme culture and a commitment to merging the worlds of metaverses, gaming, and NFTs, lends it an edge in a saturated market. The association with 9GAG, a platform that has successfully harnessed the meme culture, offers Memecoin an inherent credibility.


The MEME token is making waves, and the crypto community is undoubtedly watching with bated breath. Whether Memecoin will carve a niche for itself in the vast crypto ocean or ride the tide for a short while remains to be seen. However, its early successes are undeniable and provide ample reason for optimism.

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