Is Futureverse better than the other metaverses?

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  • Futureverse, a platform of 11 companies including gaming studios and blockchain startups, recently raised $54 million in Series A funding.
  • The company’s CEO, Aaron McDonald, challenges the typical view of the metaverse as a virtual world, instead seeing it as technology powering many applications.

In the rapid digitalization era, the metaverse, a virtual universe comprising multiple interconnected digital spaces, is no longer a figment of sci-fi imagination.

Emerging from this fast-paced landscape is Futureverse, which recently clinched a $54 million Series A round. Futureverse is a unique platform composed of 11 companies extending from gaming studios to blockchain startups, all uniting to streamline metaverse content creation.

Pioneering a different Metaverse perspective

While the buzz around the metaverse may seem redundant to some, Futureverse’s CEO, Aaron McDonald, challenges this perspective.

According to him, the notion of the metaverse has been confined to a single, virtual world vision, rather than the overarching technological infrastructure that it signifies.

McDonald argues that the metaverse should be seen as the internet of today: not merely ‘a thing,’ but ‘the thing’ that propels applications and websites.

In this light, Futureverse aims to redefine the metaverse as an assemblage of interoperable applications built on user data. Futureverse’s primary mission is to facilitate the construction of all-encompassing experiences where users remain oblivious to the underlying blockchain or NFT use.

The objective is to render the technology invisible, focusing more on the seamless experiences it enables.

Invisible technology, immersive experience

Futureverse demonstrated this concept through a game launched in collaboration with FIFA for the Women’s World Cup. In this immersive world, users managed automated players, unaware that the game operated on web3 and utilized NFTs.

To the average user, it was just a game – a testament to McDonald’s belief that the focus should be on the content, not the underlying data format.

This viewpoint echoes the trend in artificial intelligence (AI), where the best AI companies solve problems using AI, without necessarily emphasizing the AI component. Similarly, successful remote work companies facilitate work without necessarily highlighting the remote aspect.

Futureverse’s approach is not without its challenges. The term ‘metaverse’ itself carries numerous connotations and assumptions, often dominated by its most vocal proponents.

These perceptions influence where Futureverse seeks funding, opting for investors who understand the nuances of the metaverse, like 10T Holdings, who led their funding round.

While gaming appears to be the immediate application of the metaverse’s technology, its potential extends beyond. McDonald cited their recent collaboration with F1, where they built a digital platform that enhanced fan engagement during and post events.

Defining the Metaverse, Futureverse style

Despite operating in a stigmatized sector with a nebulous definition, Futureverse’s approach seems to hold promise. By attracting high-profile clients such as FIFA and F1, they can leverage these brands to create user-driven experiences irrespective of the technology running them.

In McDonald’s view, the metaverse isn’t an upcoming phenomenon; we are already immersed in it. The breaking down of user experience silos into a unified experience – a concept Futureverse terms ‘immersive convergence’ – is already gaining traction.

While the term ‘metaverse’ continues to evolve, Futureverse is carving out its definition, one where technology takes a backseat, and user experience takes center stage.

Whether or not users are aware of the blockchain-run applications, Futureverse’s redefined metaverse is aimed at enhancing the digital experiences we encounter daily.

Perhaps, in the end, it’s not about whether Futureverse is better than other metaverses, but how it revolutionizes our perception and interaction with this new digital frontier.

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