Meloni Unveils Bold Plan for Italy-Africa Economic Partnership


  • Italy-Africa collaboration addresses economic ties, energy needs, and immigration challenges.
  • Italy’s plan prioritises private sector involvement, emphasising energy cooperation and development.
  • African leaders seek consultation and actionable outcomes, stressing the importance of commitments.

In a move aimed at promoting economic ties, creating an energy hub for Europe, and addressing immigration challenges, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni unveiled a long-anticipated plan during a one-day summit attended by over two dozen African leaders and European Union officials.

Economic Boost and Energy Hub Initiative

Meloni presented a set of initiatives designed to strengthen ties between Italy and Africa, accompanied by an initial investment of 5.5 billion euros ($5.95 billion), including state guarantees. At the heart of this partnership lies the ambitious plan named after Enrico Mattei, founder of Italy’s state oil company, Eni.

Critics argue that Italy’s debt could hinder its ability to compete with global players like China, Russia, and Gulf states, but Meloni remains steadfast in her commitment. The Mattei plan emphasises collaboration with the private sector and international bodies like the European Union.

African Union’s Concerns and the Call for Action

The summit, however, was not without resistance, as Moussa Faki Mahamat, chairman of the African Union Commission, expressed a desire for Africa to have been consulted on priorities. Faki stressed the importance of moving from words to actions, urging a commitment to fulfil promises made during the summit. “We can no longer be satisfied with promises that are often not kept,” he emphasised, standing alongside Meloni in Italy’s ornate Senate.

In response, Meloni acknowledged the need to translate commitments into evident projects that would have a meaningful impact on the ground. With representatives from 45 African states at various levels, the summit provided a platform for collaboration, but the challenge remains in delivering actionable outcomes.

Energy Needs and Economic Strengthening in Africa

Central to the Mattei plan is addressing Europe’s energy needs by positioning Italy as a gateway for natural gas from Africa into European markets. This strategic move becomes essential as the European Union prioritises the expansion of energy supplies following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Italy’s largest natural gas importer, Eni, has already increased shipments from Africa, with Algeria, Egypt, and Libya identified as the primary gas suppliers in the coming years.

Meloni emphasised the importance of supporting industry and agriculture in Africa to bolster local economies. She aims to discourage disaffected young Africans from migrating north by doing so. The correlation between economic development and immigration challenges is underscored by Italy’s struggle with an increase in boat migrants, reaching 157,600 in the past year alone.

Tackling Immigration Challenges

Meloni acknowledged the need to address the root causes that drive individuals to leave their homes. Despite facing criticism for failing to fulfil her electoral pledge to halt unauthorised arrivals, she remains committed to tackling the multifaceted issues contributing to mass immigration.

“Mass immigration will never be stopped, human traffickers will never be defeated if we do not address the many causes that push a person to leave their home,” Meloni declared. The Mattei plan, focusing on economic development and energy collaboration, is Italy’s comprehensive approach to addressing the connected challenges of immigration and economic cooperation.

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