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Unveiling CV Pad’s Vision with Co-Founder Mathias Ruch: How CV Pad’s ‘Launchpad+’ will drive access to early-stage Web3 startups and provide impactful business support to founders who are accelerating Web3 technology.

CV Pad has entered the scene in response to the growing opportunities presented by the fact that Web3 is dismantling investment barriers. Today, we spoke with Mathias Ruch, the Co-Founder of CV Pad, whose vision for the platform transcends traditional venture capital frameworks. Having started his career in media, he now sits at the forefront of blockchain technology VC, bringing a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to the table. At the heart of CV Pad is the commitment to provide access to early-stage Web3 startups. In this exclusive interview, Mathias Ruch unveils how CV Pad’s Launchpad+ aims to revolutionize participation in the Web3 landscape.

Q1: What motivated you to start CV Pad, and what expertise do you bring from your prior experiences?

I am motivated by the brilliant minds of the world around me. At CV Pad, we each bring our mutually beneficial experiences to work alongside brave and inspiring founders of businesses that provide blockchain-based solutions to global challenges, such as financial inclusion, sustainability, and socioeconomic well-being for all. 

Blockchain is a catalyst technology, meaning that it can bring about great change. One such catalytic capability is the fractionalization of assets. Examples include real estate, luxury goods, and venture investments. These asset classes were previously restricted by high entry barriers for investors and are now being disrupted by pioneering Web3 technologies. It excites me to be at the forefront of technology and to be involved in projects that are building the foundation of the new internet, of the new economy, so to speak.

CV Pad is founder-focused. As a serial entrepreneur myself who has subsequently invested in many startups as an angel investor, I believe that founders in the new era of the internet and global infrastructures require support and community beyond just funding and business advice. That is the very basis of our so-called Ecosystem Approach, where our portfolio companies get access to our global CV Labs hubs and their communities, to our conferences and events, and last but not least, to our global network of VCs. This is very motivating for me to be able to share my own experience to build a platform that supports founders with expert know-how and partnership networks.

I started my entrepreneurial career during my time at university when I discovered Web1, and it kept me up at night. I had also taken part in the Web2 wave and it was then a logical consequence when I discovered the next iteration of the internet and its underlying technology – Web3! I am focused on the utility of blockchain technology to better the way the world interacts and transacts and therefore co-founded Crypto Valley Venture Capital (CV VC), an early-stage venture capital investor focusing on startups that build on blockchain technology. In addition to the 66 venture capital investments made to date, CV VC operates an accelerator and international ecosystem business under the CV Labs brand. 

Money is a medium of value and exchange. Money is evolving, it is not just fiat. Tokens and crypto are a new medium of exchange. While much of the buzz about crypto relates to institutional investment, the fact is that for many regions in the world, crypto is the daily method of exchange. CV Pad recognises this fact. It also knows that crypto is a new asset class that should be accessible to all. And therefore, CV Pad is launched!

Q2. How does CV Pad differ from other launchpads? What makes Launchpad+ special?

Simply, CV Pad goes beyond mere fundraising by the very nature of our collective experiences, providing resources and support to aid project development. We intend to be a catalyst for the growth of new Web3 initiatives and founders while providing others with access to these projects.

By harnessing the investment, incubation, acceleration, and community structures of CV VC, CV Labs, and DuckDao, CV Pad combines the know-how and experience of the traditional VC world with the agility of the Web3 sector. 

The platform provides more than funding opportunities, it delivers comprehensive support for early-stage token projects, including launch assistance and ecosystem integration. Thus, facilitating high growth through acceleration, incubation, and access to preferred partner networks. 

The real + in CV Pad is the team, the combination of investment, acceleration, and community builders who are driven to support both founders and investors. 

Q3:  What are the key factors you consider when determining whether an investment opportunity is high quality?

When assessing the quality of an investment opportunity, we have to look at several key factors. First and foremost, when it comes to early-stage investments, it is all about the team. Secondly, we assess the product they are bringing to the market, the so-called product-market fit. A thorough evaluation of the team’s collective experience and expertise, alongside the product’s innovation, market timing, and potential for scalability, is the most foundational part of our analysis. This step is crucial in determining the foundational strength and forward momentum of the venture.

After that, we look into the financial robustness and strategic planning of the project. This involves a close examination of the startup’s financial health, the viability of its business model, and its adherence to legal compliance, which are all indicative of its capacity for sustainable growth and development. Finally, we try to identify potential risks and craft mitigation strategies. Hitting these 3 points in our approach is crucial to the success of our investment strategy.

At the same time, it is important to face the reality of early-stage venture capital investments, where historical data shows that the majority of start-ups will not be successful. For investors, this means that they must always do their own due diligence and really understand the nature of their investments. 

Q4: The crypto market is known for its unpredictability. How does CV Pad navigate the crypto market to connect with leading projects?

Like all nascent investment classes, it is important to monitor the trend in the long term and apply seasoned, experienced investing acumen. Picking the best projects hinges on comprehensive research, diversification, and staying informed on market trends. That is what CV Pad will deliver. The team has experts from both traditional and new markets investment spheres, which ensures a diverse deal flow.

Q5: What are CV Pad’s short and long-term goals?

CV Pad is the continuation of our strategy launched in 2022 to explore early-stage token investments. CV Pad extends and enhances our existing offering for investors, granting them access to earlier stages and token-only investments. By expanding our offering, we are addressing the fact that pioneering Web3 projects may consider investor participation through tokens rather than equity or a hybrid model. As such, CV Pad is part of our long-term growth strategy, where we aim to increase our investor base and further expand our product offering for investors. It is also part of our thesis, which reflects the new global mindset of restoring trust and enabling individual sovereignty in the new world order through Web3 technology. In the short term, we see great momentum due to the current market environment, which is reflected in a large number of promising projects.

Q6. From your perspective, what are the current trends shaping the crypto markets, and how is CV Pad positioned to take advantage?

After a challenging 2023, the crypto market has seen positive moves in 2024. A healthy macroeconomic environment will be essential to maintaining the bullish momentum. However, the next Bitcoin halving is just around the corner, and we will see whether the rallies of recent years will be repeated. New layers built on the Bitcoin blockchain are interesting and we see many projects jumping on this trend. At the same time, AI, zero-knowledge, and gaming are still major drivers of Web3 innovation. 

Investors have learned that even in the best of times, predicting the short-term price action of any digital asset is difficult. CV Pad is a platform and a great opportunity to access the Web3 innovation space. It facilitates participation in projects that are vital for constructing the infrastructural backbone of the new internet, pioneering new enhanced modes of interaction and transaction. 

The Launchpad+ provides more than just fundraising

Reflecting on the insights shared by Mathias Ruch, it’s evident that CV Pad is not just another launchpad, sending projects out into the world. It’s a visionary platform with a dual focus: empowering access to early-stage opportunities and providing impactful business support to founders aiming to challenge convention. Through a blend of Ruch’s contributions – deep business acumen, rich history in media, entrepreneurship, and his venture capital expertise with CV VC, CV Pad is positioned uniquely at the intersection of technology, investment, and community building. The platform’s commitment to utility and sustainable growth underscores a future where the barriers between groundbreaking technology and global participants are lifted. 

CV Pad is a powerful example of how community involvement can shape the future of the Internet and the global economy. With a vision that extends beyond the immediate horizon, CV Pad is a movement of growth, innovation, and collective Web3 success.

Visit CV Pad’s website to learn more about the CVPad token and how you can become part of the future of venture capital. Don’t miss out on the chance to shape the next wave of technological innovation.

For more information about the upcoming launch of the CV Pad token, make sure to follow CV Pad on X (Twitter) and apply for the token whitelist.

About CV Pad

CV Pad is a Launchpad+, aiming to take projects through their TGE with a suite of services from tokenomics support to distribution and marketing, with the support of their global network of partnerships. It is a collective, DuckDAO, CV VC, and CV Labs, that utilizes its wealth of experience in web3 and traditional venture capital to not only support projects but also provide vetted, curated picks for launchpad investors.

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.

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