Market Overview: Ripple, Ethereum, XLM price surging high after Bitcoin

The crypto space is in a good stop as of now and bitcoin is on an ongoing bullish rally. After bitcoin, we see steller, Etherum, and XRP to be the next best coins benefitting from the circumstances.

Bitcoin has been consistently trading near the eight thousand dollars range ($8,000) and many coins including Stellar, Ethereum and XRP are trying to follow bitcoin’s bullish rally.

Ethereum and Ripple are the ones getting the most evident benefits and steller is on its way with a twenty-two percent (22%) increase.

Bitcoin has been experiencing an impressive bullish rally since April and has gained over fifty-eight percent (58%). With that being said it is now trading at eight thousand dollars ($8,000)

Bitcoin was on the top of its game in the crypto space but now Steller is slowly taking the spotlight as well. Even though ethereum and XRP are also gaining but steller is still taking the lead among them.

Yesterday Ethereum showed a hefty twelve percent (12%) increase while the XRP showed a fifteen percent increase (15%).

But recent analysis shows a new ratio saying that XRP has gained only five percent (5%) and ethereum is increasing over fifteen percent (15%). Compared to the aforementioned coins steller is up by over twenty-two percent (22.43%).

John McAfee recently mocked Ethereum in a tweet because he was being asked about his views on the coin. This may be because he is an avid supporter of bitcoin.

As of now, the rally is calming down and XRP’s growth has deadened evidently. XRP did not join the price surge along with the others altcoins immediately and analysts are trying to decipher as to why it was a late bloomer.

The evident reason is Coinbase’s new initiative to promote XRP. XRP is currently trading at zero point four dollars ($0.44).

Ethereum’s price surge can be explained by the bet made between ETH’s co-founder and Bitcoin’s developer. While, Steller’s growth can be explained by the new collaboration of XLM with Paysend Group to launch a stablecoin.