Mark Cuban calls out SEC’s double standards: Stock loans vs. crypto assets

Mark Cuban

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  • In a recent tweet, Mark Cuban highlighted the disparity between the SEC’s treatment of the stock loan industry and crypto assets.
  • Cuban pointed out that while the SEC labels the stock loan industry as “opaque” and emphasizes the need for transparency.
  • Cuban says that SEC is in the wrong, and not many in the industry want to tell the entity the truth out of fear.

Mark Cuban, an outspoken billionaire investor, and entrepreneur, has launched a scathing attack against the SEC and its oversight of complaints against crypto exchanges, in particular Coinbase. Mark Cuban was extremely critical of the absence of assistance for companies actively seeking to comply with securities regulations. 

Mark Cuban questions SEC’s biased stance on financial regulation

Mark Cuban has brought attention to the recent regulatory tempest surrounding the crypto industry, illuminating the alleged hypocrisy of the SEC’s approach. He specifically addressed the regulator’s proposal to enforce transparency in the securities lending market, emphasizing the disparity between its treatment of traditional stock loans and crypto assets.

Mark Cuban emphasized the SEC’s distinction in labeling stock loans as “opaque” and pressing for transparency without classifying them as securities or taking legal action against established players in the stock loan departments of established brokers and banks. He urged the SEC to take a similar approach with crypto, suggesting a comprehensive evaluation to determine which aspects should be classified as securities and the most effective means of protecting investors.

The SEC could have easily have gone to them and outlined an exact plan to get them to compliance. Then if @coinbase or whoever didn’t comply, they sue over whatever legal disagreements they have. Instead, they do what they told one of my companies to do when we called, read these cases and get a lawyer to figure it out for you.

Mark Cuban

Cuban points the SEC’s need to just litigate

Cuban also stated that the SEC is filled with attorneys who are only interested in litigation. He added that compliance would increase if the SEC had more business people on staff. 

They are full of lawyers. Lawyers want to litigate. If you had business people, more like the SBA, there would be more compliance, fewer lawsuits, and better investor education and protections. But if that happened, 2k SEC lawyers would be out of a job.

Mark Cuban

The entrepreneur also suggested that the SEC promotes cases and victories as metrics rather than tracking the number of companies it assists in achieving compliance. 

Cuban argued further that the SEC’s approach fostered a climate of dread and mistrust, causing companies to fear engaging with the regulator for fear of potential legal repercussions. This would make it more difficult for companies to achieve compliance, which is contrary to the SEC’s mission to safeguard investors and maintain efficient markets. 

As it is, no one wants to talk to the SEC because no one trusts them for fear of being in the same situation as Coinbase finds itself. You get what you measure.

Mark Cuban

Interestingly, recent SEC actions have had a negative impact on Cardano‘s native token, ADA. Due to its classification as a security, ADA has been delisted from the popular trading platform Robinhood.

This development is intriguing, given Cuban’s previous assertion that Cardano’s impact on the industry was minimal. In fact, the billionaire believes that Dogecoin, a crypto that is commonly perceived as a meme, has greater potential in the domain of smart contracts than Cardano.

What is a security?

In accordance with U.S. regulations, the classification of an asset as a security depends on its resemblance to company-issued shares issued for financing purposes. To determine this distinction, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) applies a legal standard derived from a 1946 Supreme Court decision.

Mark Cuban’s Tweet is a result of the 136-page lawsuit the SEC filed against Binance, which lays out 13 counts, including the mishandling of customer funds and the unauthorized offering of securities, among others.

The lawsuit emphasizes the SEC’s claim that Binance demonstrated a “blatant disregard” for federal securities laws and failed to uphold the investor and market protections mandated by these laws, adding to the increased regulatory scrutiny surrounding the crypto industry.

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