Marathon Digital’s global reach expands with Paraguay entry


  • Marathon Digital is expanding its international presence by setting up a new 27-megawatt bitcoin mining operation in Paraguay, tapping into hydroelectric power.
  • The strategic move to use hydro energy from the Itaipu Dam is expected to increase Marathon’s computational power to 1.1 exahash per second by early next year.
  • This expansion into Paraguay follows a successful deployment in the United Arab Emirates, demonstrating Marathon’s ability to operate globally and scale up effectively.

As Marathon Digital harnesses hydro energy for a new 27-megawatt bitcoin mining project in Paraguay, the boundaries of its global influence push further.

This strategic move into Paraguay’s fertile energy landscape marks the second international initiative by the Florida-headquartered bitcoin miner, underscoring its agility in a sector where geographical borders are as fluid as the cryptocurrencies themselves.

Marathon Digital’s synergy with Penguin Infrastructure Holding is a testament to its visionary approach.

Tapping into the hydroelectric powerhouse that is the Itaipu Dam, Marathon Digital aims to amplify its computational prowess to an impressive 1.1 exahash per second by the onset of the coming year.

This is not just about expanding a corporate footprint; it’s about the intellectual marriage of sustainable energy and crypto mining—a fusion that could set a precedent for the industry.

Powering Growth with Hydroelectric Energy

Marathon Digital’s leap into Paraguay isn’t merely a geographical one; it’s an ideological jump towards greener, more sustainable mining practices.

The new operation near Itaipu Dam is not only a stroke of strategic genius in terms of location but also a significant step towards an environmentally conscious paradigm.

By focusing on hydro energy, Marathon Digital is not just cutting costs—it’s aligning its operations with a global demand for greener energy solutions.

Vice President Charlie Schumacher’s stance is clear: the diversification into countries like Paraguay offers a dual boon—bolstering margins and decentralizing Bitcoin’s hash rate.

Schumacher emphasizes this move’s potential to catalyze economic improvement and emissions reduction for the host country—a win-win scenario in the ledger of crypto mining.

The United Arab Emirates venture set the stage earlier this year, proving Marathon Digital’s capacity to go beyond domestic confines and tap into global energy reservoirs.

Its Abu Dhabi operations, with a substantial 2.3 exahash per second already active, is a precursor to the anticipated surge to 7 exahash per second.

This expansion not only exemplifies Marathon Digital’s ambition but also reflects a deliberate strategy to withstand the seismic shifts of the crypto landscape.

Strategic Diversification Ahead of the Halving

As the clock ticks towards the anticipated bitcoin halving in April 2024, Marathon Digital’s expansion reflects more than growth—it signifies a survival tactic in the high-stakes crypto mining arena.

The halving, a programmed reduction in mining rewards, promises to intensify the economic pressure on miners. For Marathon Digital, the geographic spread is a strategic move to mitigate impending financial strains.

Reducing operational costs becomes paramount as the per-block reward for miners is projected to plummet by half.

Marathon Digital’s foray into the power-rich Paraguayan environment is a calculated move to maintain profitability when the halving challenges the fiscal framework of the mining sector.

Schumacher articulates that geographic expansion, while not essential before the halving, remains an integral component of Marathon Digital’s broader growth and cost-reduction strategy.

The continuous expansion, exemplified by the recent nodal agreement in Utah to harness landfill methane for mining, points to a clear trajectory.

Marathon Digital is strategically positioning itself in a variety of energy markets, drawing upon diverse power sources to fortify its operations against the impending halving and beyond.

Marathon Digital’s proactive stance exemplifies a pioneering spirit in the crypto mining industry.

As the digital gold rush continues, the company’s endeavors in Paraguay will likely serve as a benchmark for the crypto mining community, emphasizing the importance of sustainable practices, cost efficiency, and strategic international partnerships.

Marathon Digital is not just mining bitcoin; it’s mining new opportunities, ensuring its operations—and its influence—remain as renewable as the energy sources it now seeks to harness.

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