Magic Store Integrates IQ Protocol into its Ecosystem 

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The crypto world is evolving, with lots of inventions released periodically, from cryptocurrencies to DeFi, DAO, NFTs, ReFi, GameFi, Metaverse, etc., now we have a magic store. The Magic Store is a wonderful invention in the crypto industry. It grants users access to all their crypto apps through one Magic login. Users can also find new community-supported apps on the Magic Store and connect to them via a single login system.  This is undoubtedly the first of its kind.

Magic store is crypto’s future, the 1st community-supported app store in the crypto industry. Recently, IQ Protocol has become the latest addition integrated into the Magic Store ecosystem. 

Overview of the IQ Protocol

IQ Protocol is igniting a paradigm shift in the crypto space, from limiting its users to buying and selling their digital assets to lending tokens and NFTs without worrying about securities or collaterals. That is a radical transformation of the Web 3.0 ecosystem. Thanks to this transformation, users are now availed of a never-seen-before opportunity of accessing and using crypto assets that they can not afford or may not want to buy. There is no associated risk in the IQ Protocol because users don’t need to provide securities to use its services. Thus, it is excellently risk-free.

The Impact of Integrating IQ Protocol into the Magic Store Ecosystem

The major impact of the integration is that magic store users can now have access to NFTs and other digital assets that they cannot afford simply by lending them. Users only have to pay a little percentage of the real price while enjoying the full benefits of using them. Another aspect of the importance of the integration is that while the native token of Magic Stores – SQR tokens is gradually increasing, with IQ Protocols, users can borrow and stake the SQR tokens without full payment. 

“Imagine enjoying all the benefits of holding a particular token without actually spending the full price to buy the token. This is a revolutionary concept in the crypto space, and Magic Store is making it happen together with IQ Protocol.” Tom Tirman (IQLabs CEO) said.

Token holders and potential token holders don’t have to worry about whether or not the SQR tokens are getting expensive. Although some functionalities like use-to-earn and listing new dApp require that one stakes SQR tokens, IQ Protocol enables both creators and users to utilize the token without paying the full price. 

Magic Store Use-to-Earn Feature

Magic Store rewards users for their time; they are not for the money. Earned rewards are shared among users daily in the SQR token. The more you use their network for your crypto activities, the more you are rewarded for your time.

“We are aiming to create a productive user experience, simple, easy-to-use, and reward users for contributing to the community,” said Andrey Nayman, CEO, and Founder of Magic Square. 


Magic Store is not just a list of crypto apps; it is a system that integrates these apps and grants access to them in just one click. Ever think of using an app without downloading it? Ok, your future is here. You can now launch your favorite crypto apps all at the same time, track your activities, manage your apps from your customized dashboard, communicate with the larger Magic Store Community, and more with just a click.

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