Lost Call of Duty Game Developed by Neversoft Surfaces Online


  • Leaked footage shows Neversoft’s canceled Call of Duty game, featuring a moon mission with low gravity.
  • Brian Bright confirmed its authenticity, but why it was canceled remains a mystery.
  • “NX1” influenced future Call of Duty games despite never being released.

In a surprising turn of events, previously unreleased footage of a canceled Call of Duty game has emerged online. The game codenamed “NX1” or “Call of Duty: Future Warfare” was developed at Neversoft, the studio best known for the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series. 

Twitter user @mangafigurines shared gameplay footage from one of its missions, “Moonbase Assault,” which showcased a unique low-gravity setting. While the source of the footage remains undisclosed, former Neversoft developer Brian Bright confirmed its authenticity.

Neversoft’s transition from Tony Hawk to Call of Duty

Brian Bright, who served as the multiplayer lead on the NX1 project, shed light on the game’s history. He revealed that the development of NX1 took place after Infinity Ward, the original developer of Call of Duty, faced internal turmoil and split into a new studio known as Respawn. This transition paved the way for Neversoft to step into Call of Duty, marking their departure from the renowned Guitar Hero series.

The Moonbase Assault mission showcased in the leaked footage demonstrated a departure from the traditional Call of Duty settings. Players would have engaged in intense action on the moon’s surface, complete with low gravity mechanics. 

According to Brian Bright, this mission served as a testing ground for the development team to familiarize themselves with the game engine. Although the project was canceled, it was clear that Neversoft was exploring innovative gameplay concepts.

NX1’s place in Call of Duty history

Brian Bright also shared insights into where NX1 would have fit into the Call of Duty timeline. The game was initially intended to launch in place of “Call of Duty: Ghosts,” which was eventually released in 2013 by Infinity Ward. 

Bright mentioned that the team had already completed 2-3 campaign missions and made significant progress on the multiplayer component before the project’s cancellation. However, he did not delve into the reasons behind the game’s demise.

In addition to the Moonbase Assault mission, leaked footage of NX1’s multiplayer component has surfaced. Brian Bright provided additional context, stating that one of the maps in development was called “Sandstorm.” He hinted at including a game mode called “Escort,” which would have likely been a multiplayer mode similar to Black Ops Cold War’s escort mode. This suggests that the canceled project impacted the evolution of future Call of Duty titles.

A glimpse into what could have been

The revelation of the NX1 project has sparked curiosity among Call of Duty fans about what might have been. The unique setting and gameplay mechanics showcased in the leaked footage hint at a game that could have offered a fresh and exciting experience within the franchise. Unfortunately, the project was shelved, and Neversoft’s foray into the world of Call of Duty took a different turn.

While Brian Bright confirmed the existence and authenticity of the NX1 project, he refrained from elaborating on the reasons behind its cancellation. This has led to speculation within the gaming community. Some believe that the internal restructuring of Infinity Ward and the emergence of Respawn may have played a role. Others suggest that the project may not have aligned with Activision’s strategic vision for the Call of Duty franchise at that time.

Legacy and impact on Call of Duty

Despite its cancellation, the NX1 project left a lasting impact on the Call of Duty series. Elements such as low-gravity gameplay and innovative multiplayer modes may have influenced subsequent titles. 

Call of Duty eventually ventured into space-themed games with the release of “Infinite Warfare” in 2016. While NX1 may have remained hidden in the annals of gaming history, its influence on the franchise’s evolution is now brought to light.

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