LooksRare NFT Marketplace Embarks on a New Phase with Contract Migration

LooksRare NFT Marketplace Embarks on a New Phase with Contract Migration

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  • LooksRare, an NFT marketplace, has announced the end of its 24-month release plan and is transitioning to a new contract, requiring users to migrate their LOOKS tokens to continue earning rewards.
  • To incentivize early adoption of the new contract, LooksRare is adding $200,000 worth of ETH to the reward pool, to be distributed over the first seven days following the migration starting on November 27 at 19:00 Beijing time.

In a significant development for the NFT community, LooksRare, a prominent NFT marketplace, has announced the conclusion of its 24-month release plan. Release Plan marks a pivotal moment for the platform and its users as it transitions to a new contract system. The announcement outlines the need for users to migrate their LOOKS tokens to continue participating in the platform’s reward system.

End of an era: Concluding the 24-month plan

LooksRare’s 24-month release plan was a foundational strategy for the platform, aimed at establishing its presence in the competitive NFT marketplace arena. The plan involves a systematic release of LOOKS tokens, the native cryptocurrency of the LooksRare platform, which played a crucial role in incentivizing user participation and engagement. As this plan draws to a close, LooksRare is gearing up for the next phase of its evolution, which involves a significant shift in its operational framework.

The conclusion of this plan signifies a maturation point for LooksRare, reflecting its growth and adaptation in the ever-evolving NFT market. The transition is not just a procedural change but also symbolizes the platform’s commitment to evolving and enhancing its services in line with the dynamic needs of the NFT community.

The most critical aspect of this transition is the migration to a new contract. The move requires users to transfer their existing LOOKS tokens to a new contract to continue earning rewards on the platform. The migration process is set to commence on November 27.

Migration is a strategic step for LooksRare, ensuring that the platform remains robust, secure, and aligned with the latest technological advancements in the blockchain and NFT space. It also reflects the platform’s proactive approach to addressing the challenges and opportunities that come with the rapidly changing landscape of digital assets.

LooksRare incentivizing early adopters

In a move to encourage and reward early adopters of the new contract, LooksRare has announced the addition of $200,000 worth of ETH to the new reward pool. The substantial infusion of funds will be distributed over the first seven days following the migration. This initiative is designed to incentivize users to participate in the migration process promptly and to continue their engagement with the platform.

The incentive scheme demonstrates LooksRare’s commitment to its user base, acknowledging the importance of the community in the platform’s success. By rewarding early adopters, LooksRare is not only fostering a sense of loyalty among its existing users but also attracting new participants to its ecosystem.


The announcement by LooksRare marks a significant moment in the platform’s history as it transitions from its initial 24-month release plan to a new operational phase. The change, necessitating the migration to a new contract and the introduction of a substantial reward pool for early adopters, highlights the platform’s adaptability and forward-thinking approach in the fast-paced world of NFTs.

As LooksRare embarks on this new journey, it continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the NFT marketplace landscape. The platform’s willingness to evolve and adapt, coupled with its commitment to its community, sets a precedent for other players in the industry. As the NFT market continues to grow and evolve, LooksRare’s latest move positions it well to meet future challenges and opportunities in this dynamic and exciting field.

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