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The world is now obsessed with discovering more efficient and effective ways of entertainment. This has led to the birth of gambling- a noble art where people can relish entertainment and earn profits simultaneously. Throughout the years, the art of gambling evolved with coming technology and today, the gambling industry is at the forefront of its evolution. Online casinos are now a center for high quality entertainment and exorbitant profits and are the first choice of many passionate gamblers. These gambling sites use state-of-the-art technology such as Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, hashes and true randomness to provide their extravagant services and are loved by hundreds and thousands of gamblers who rush to online casinos daily to savor their preferred way of passing time. However, an ardent gambler has to select the best online casino for his/her entertainment. Selection of the wrong online casino could mean a huge waste of time and cryptocurrency and it is crucial that the gambler avoids this scenario. A well established extravagant online casino called CryptoGames, offers a huge alternative to this drastic problem. This casino has all the tools and traits required to provide sublime services to any gambler. Its glamorous traits also help it in maintaining a reputed position in the gambling community and assist it in cementing its legacy as one of the greatest online casinos available on the internet.

CryptoGames is the property of a company renowned as MuchGaming B.V and is under the jurisdiction of the Curacao government. Despite being based locally the casino has worldwide recognition and has amassed a huge number of followers all over the internet. Through its extreme dedication to provide glamorous services to its users and its wish to set a high standard in the gambling industry, CryptoGames has become a haven for any devoted gamblers who love the traits and services that CryptoGames offers.

A mesmerizing yet simple interface

CryptoGames has earned huge respect and admiration from the gambling community for its magnificent interface. This is due to the minimalistic appearance and the simple design of the interface. The simple features of the site allow it to be navigated easily by all sorts of gamblers- even those who enter the site for the first time. Users can browse through the site effortlessly and are easily able to access all the site features. The presence of the chat box allows gamblers to have conversations with each other and the lack of distracting designs means players can completely focus on their games. Furthermore, the light interface allows the games to be played smoothly on a majority of devices. Even devices with low specifications can be used to load and play the games. Users can toggle between games with a few clicks and have all necessary information such as betting history, all user bets and statistics within users view field.  Users of the site also have the option of changing themes by accessing the settings located at the upper right, below “Your Account”. The current dark mode trend can also be set as a theme which is used by a multitude of users on the site. FAQ, Chat Rules and Support Link is available at the end of the page.

Magnificent library of Old School Games

CryptoGames is admired due to the presence of its stellar library of games. These games hold a sentimental value to many gamblers due to their old school vibe. Some of these even predate the birth of the internet and were widely popular even before online gambling was born. CryptoGames offers only 8 of these glamorous games because they value quality over quantity and does not wish to impede the focus of players by providing hundreds and thousands of games. The games also come with numerous guides and tutorials that assist players in learning these games in the most effective way possible. 

The games offered by CryptoGames are-


The game of Dice is an intense game that requires determination and luck. The game has a vast range of possible results that vary from 0.000 to 99.999. The game is played according to a small set of rules: a number has to be determined and players have to decide whether the dice roll will have a greater or lesser outcome than the aforementioned number. The gambler who accurately guesses the outcome of the Dice roll is deemed the winner of the game. Users of CryptoGames play this fun game with comfort and ease due to the different features set up by the casino. Dice can be rolled using keyboard shortcuts. There is an effective “Auto Bet” feature that can be used to alter the settings to suit player preferences.  Currently, a maximum profit of 5 BTC can be earned through a single bet in Dice. 


The game of Slot is one of the most entertaining and exhilarating games available on the internet. This extravagant game has to be played on five reels that rotate before coming to a complete stop. Five symbols have to be selected at the start of the game and in the event when they align in the middle of the slot, the winner can earn a payout. The users of CryptoGames relish a decreased difficulty level in this game and are offered a far more lucrative payout through using only single line horizontal matching. Players can claim a jackpot of up to 5 BTC by a single bet in this game of luck and wit.


Roulette is one of the most widely known casino games on the internet and has a huge following in the CryptoGames community. The casino offers a European version of this famous game in contrast to the American one. This version offers the same payout table as its American counterpart, but the house edge is almost halved as there is a single zero present on the 37-number wheel. Users rotate the wheel by clicking the “spin” button after all bets are determined and the payout table is used to pay gamblers accordingly. 


Blackjack is a highly acclaimed game that has generated global interest due to its brutal game play and high rewards. The game involves one player and the dealer who compare their cards. Players have to attain a hand that has points closer to twenty one than the dealer. Users of CryptoGames can play the game without any distractions as the site provides a neat table interface devoid of any unnecessary designs. Players are also given the options to Surrender, Double Down and Split. There are 4 decks which are shuffled after each hand and when a player hits the Blackjack, the ratio of payment is 6:5. Players are also rewarded for split hands.


The game of Lotto is the ultimate test of one’s luck and patience and offers the highest of rewards to the winner. This stellar game was borne from the ancient activity of lottery where competitors purchased tickets that were later used to ascertain the winner. Users of CryptoGames can utilize a “Buy Tickets” tab to easily purchase tickets. Useful information such as the total number of tickets currently owned by the user and the probability of winning can also be viewed under that tab. Other important information such as the time remaining for the round and the rewards for different positions and total number of tickets purchased can also be easily checked in the main interface. Every week the casino holds two draws, on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The revenue generated through ticket sales is then handed to three winners with no fee taken by the casino.


A delightful game that involves a ball bouncing down from the top of a pyramid, Plinko is a common favorite among fun loving gamblers. Here, a user has to choose an amount to bet and a payoff value is assigned after which the ball is allowed to bounce to the bottom of the pyramid. Once the user presses the “Play” the ball is dropped and falls into one of the multipliers. Fun and interesting, this delightful game often produces intense competition between devoted gamblers.

Video Poker

Poker is an interesting game that is known for its sophisticated game play and huge rewards. This game is played on a table which is very similar to blackjack. Users of CryptoGames can choose to play any of the three versions of the game which are- Tens or Better, Jacks or Better, and Bonus Poker. Users can also access options available in the top left corner of the game board to toggle between their games of choice. The payout table is used pay players accordingly and in the case of a Royal Flush, the player will relish a huge payout multiplier of 500! 5 BTC can be earned by a single bet using this fantastic feature!


Minesweeper is a world renowned game that had gained global recognition even before the internet was invented. A huge number of players devote a lot of their time in this amazing game in CryptoGames and earn huge rewards in the process. The game involves a playing field that conceals mines. Players have to click on as many boxes as possible before any collision with mines. CryptoGames only accepts bets that have a profit that don’t exceed 5 BTC (maximum win per bet), thus if the current win yields a reward that exceeds the 5 BTC mark, the player will lose access to any additional fields.

Provably Fairness and House Edge of Games

The games offered by CryptoGames are renowned for being provably fair. This is a system where cryptographic techniques can be used to determine whether casinos interfere with the outcome of games and players can use these to verify results of games and bets.  Thus, “provable fairness” technique is used to determine the reliability of an online casino and make sure it is completely impartial. A user friendly guide to verify bet results by utilizing seeds and hashes is also provided by CryptoGames.  In case of lotto, Randompicker which is a third party website is used that ensures fairness of all lottery draws by making use of anti-cheat maneuvers. All necessary lottery data is also made available to the public and can be used to determine if the draw was fair or not.
Lastly, games offered by CryptoGames are widely acclaimed for their highly competitive house edge. The casino has the lowest house edge in dice with only 0.8%. Lotto has 0% house edge and winners get to pocket all of the cryptocurrency earned during ticket sales. All the other games also boast lucrative house edge granting users better odds of winning.

Attractive Referral Rewards and enormous jackpots

The referral rewards offered by CryptoGames has attracted a huge number of players to the casino and has contributed to making the community bigger. A whopping 15% of the house edge of the wagered amount is given to players for every referral they make.  This referral commission will be given to the player forever for all bets best, no matter if it’s a win or a loss. Any user who wants to reach the casino with a proposition can negotiate a custom rate if they have something special to offer. CryptoGames also provides games that often accumulate gargantuan jackpots. These games are under strict surveillance of clever gamblers who would do anything to grasp these bountiful jackpots! Currently, games of Dice and Roulette boast huge jackpots and are getting constantly scouted by players who are eagerly waiting to claim the loot! In fact, Dice and Roulette jackpot of Bitcoin currently stands at an outstanding 3.83 BTC and will become the prize of a very ambitious and lucky gambler.

Impenetrable Security

Sufficient security measures have to be taken in order to tackle the huge number of online attackers who will do anything to grab invaluable user funds. These notorious hackers and attackers are always on the lookout for feeble security protocols that they can breach to attain cryptocurrency.
CryptoGames has integrated a multitude of reliable security protocols to thwart the attempts of any hackers on the site and to make sure there is an indestructible layer of security between them and user funds. The casino has installed Two-factor authentication and SSL encryption into its system, putting a complete stop to user fund theft even through the misuse of user accounts and password by hackers. Even in severe events when users have somehow disabled Two Factor authentication, mandatory email verification ensures hackers are unable to withdraw any user cryptocurrency. Finally, even a direct hit on the CryptoGames site by hackers will provide no outcome, as CryptoGames stores funds in cold wallets. All of these impressive services and features ensure that user funds are completely safe and far from the grasp of any atrocious attackers of the internet.

Flexible Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Swift and efficient financial options are crucial in maintaining financial fluidity in a casino and ensure the casino operates at maximum capability. CryptoGames has determined areas that can improve financial flexibility and has adapted a number of measures that ensures deposits and withdrawals are lightning fast and smooth. The users of the casino can decide to make any deposits or withdrawals made through 9 different types of cryptocurrency.  Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Gas, Monero, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum Classic can be used directly for any transactions within the online casino. A test currency “Play Money” is also offered to users that can be used to try out various strategies and techniques and without impacting the user funds. All of these ensure reliable and transparent financial options and allow users to focus on gambling instead of worrying over trivial issues such as delayed transactions.   

Integration of Coinswitch and Bitcoin Lightning Network

Users of CryptoGames are not limited to the 9 types of cryptocurrency directly accepted by the casino. Users can choose to do transactions with other different altcoins due to a handy integration that has been adapted by CryptoGames. This third party integration “Coinswitch” can be used to deposit and withdraw other forms of altcoins that are not directly accepted by the casino. The Coinswitch interface converts any deposited altcoin to a form accepted by the casino. These coins can also be reverted back to their original form by utilizing the Coinswitch platform again. Coinswitch ensures that transactions are swifter and more convenient in CryptoGames and allows players to save time and energy as they do not have to use alternatives to convert their altcoins. Again, with integration of bitcoin lightning network, bitcoin gamblers no longer have to wait for block confirmation since lightning network transactions are done within milliseconds. Users pay a small 1% deposit fee for using the lightning service.

Extravagant Promotional Events

Users of CryptoGames relish countless events where they are handed myriads of free coins, voucher codes, lottery tickets and other attractive rewards! Users are informed about these promotional events through the CryptoGames social media account and the Bitcointalk forum. Moderators host a plethora of custom games during these events that provide players with the opportunity of winning even more coins and rewards. Besides daily, weekly and monthly events CryptoGames hosts special holiday events such as Halloween and Christmas events which are enjoyed in the community! Players are given free coins in their emails during these holiday events. Birthday presents are given to verified VIP users. Every Monday users relish a special No Bet Limit which is the most anticipated event that lifts the restrictions on number of bets the users can place. This means more profit for users in short amount of time.


In conclusion, CryptoGames is a state-of-the-art online casino that has all the tools required to ensure maximum satisfaction for its client. Its extravagant services ensure its dominance is unparalleled in the gambling world. It offers a list of the most entertaining games that has gained huge admiration and respect from the gambling community due to the nostalgic vibe they provide. It has lucrative referral rewards and attractive jackpots that have attracted gamblers to the site from all over the world.  The security CryptoGames provides to user funds is unbreachable.  Gamblers of CryptoGames users can devote their complete focus on games as due to the lack of unnecessary designs on the site interface. Gamblers here relish fluent transactions to and from the casino due to a plethora of features undertaken by the casino. The CryptoGames community is always on a festive mood with the multitude of promotions and events hosted by the casino all through the calendar year. All of these ensure CryptoGames has attained a highly commendable position in the gambling world and has drawn a fine line between itself and its competitors.

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