Liquify tokenizes $600 million London hotel

Liquify, a blockchain technology developer and provider, has set out to bring a London luxury hotel closer to digital currencies. According to official statements, Liquify tokenization processes have commenced for about one billion dollars worth of property assets. 

Liquify tokenizes a Mayfair hotel

The official Liquify tokenization process was initiated after a contract was drafted between the blockchain provider and a significant Gulf family consortium. 

The first part of this deal includes the security tokenization of a luxurious London hotel, which is located in the Mayfair area.

The hotel is a popular destination because of its amazing views of Hyde Park. This is why the blockchain developer decided to commence the Liquify tokenization procedures there. 

The main goal of this process is for the hotel to start offering security tokens, which are used to note economic interests for this location. 

According to Liquify’s CEO Adrian Lai, this is a major breakthrough, which can serve as a bridge between the hotel industry and blockchain technology.


Security tokens are becoming increasingly popular in a number of different industries. One of the significant benefits of security tokenization for companies is that this process is compliant with most regulatory frameworks.

While some countries are still reluctant to approve of cryptocurrencies and digital assets in general, security tokens are a different category. 

Because of the high level of regulatory compliance security tokens offer, many enterprises have decided to turn to this type of funding. So far, security tokens have generated more than one billion dollars through the tokenization of assets like property, equity, and even works of art.