Libre Launches Tokenization Platform for Institutional Investors


  • Libre, a new tokenization platform leveraging Polygon technology, has been launched to facilitate the issuance and distribution of tokenized alternative assets for institutional investors.
  • The platform aims to revolutionize institutional investing by offering regulatory-compliant, secure, and efficient access to alternative investments and money market funds.

Libre, a cutting-edge tokenization platform designed for the issuance and distribution of tokenized alternative assets, has officially launched for eligible investors. The platform, which leverages Polygon technology, aims to revolutionize the way institutional investors access and manage alternative investments. 

Developed by WebN Group and Laser Digital, Libre has garnered attention with Brevan Howard and Hamilton Lane being among the first to utilize the innovative platform.

A collaborative effort in Web3 infrastructure

The creation of Libre is a result of a collaborative effort between WebN Group, an incubation hub for fintech and web3 innovations, and Laser Digital, the cryptocurrency division of the global financial services firm Nomura. The project also received significant backing and input from Alan Howard, co-founder of Brevan Howard, highlighting the strong institutional interest in leveraging blockchain technology for financial services. Polygon Labs played a crucial role in the development of the protocol, providing the technical foundation for the ambitious project.

Libre stands out in the growing field of fund tokenization platforms, which includes initiatives by major financial institutions like JPMorgan’s Onyx and SC Ventures’ Libeara. However, Libre sets itself apart by focusing on alternative investments and integrating a money market facility, offering investors a secure and flexible way to manage their funds.

How Libre is changing the investment landscape with its platform

Libre utilizes the Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK) for the regulatory-compliant issuance and management of alternative investments. The technology enables the creation of zero knowledge-powered Layer 2 blockchains on Ethereum, ensuring both security and efficiency. The platform’s design allows for seamless integration with other Layer 1 and Layer 2 networks through the Libre Gateway, broadening access for accredited, professional, and institutional investors to top-tier alternative investments and money market funds.

The introduction of Libre is seen as a significant milestone in the tokenization of institutional financial instruments. With its innovative use cases and the potential for radical improvements in the global financial system, Libre is poised to lead the next phase of development in the financial sector. Colin Butler, Global Head of Institutional Capital at Polygon Labs, expressed excitement about fostering the entry point for tier-1 funds on Libre, emphasizing the platform’s foundational role in enhancing the financial ecosystem.

The future of institutional investing with Libre

Libre’s launch marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of institutional investing. By providing unprecedented access to alternative investments and adding scalable value-add services like collateralized lending, Libre is set to redefine the landscape for institutional investors. The platform’s focus on regulatory compliance, security, and flexibility librekey concerns in the adoption of blockchain technology for financial services.

As Libre continues to develop and expand its offerings, the potential for broader adoption and integration with the global financial system grows. The collaboration between leading financial institutions, technology providers, and innovators in the web3 space underscores the significant interest and investment in making blockchain-based financial services a reality. With its innovative approach and strong backing, Libre is well-positioned to lead the charge in transforming institutional investing for the digital age.


The launch of Libre represents a significant leap forward in the tokenization of alternative assets, offering institutional investors a novel and efficient way to access and manage their investments through blockchain technology. By leveraging the strengths of Polygon technology and collaborating with major financial institutions and innovators, Libre not only underscores the growing importance of blockchain in the financial sector but also sets a new standard for security, compliance, and flexibility in investment management.

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