Ledger CEO Pascal Gauthier Addresses Recent Hacking Incident

Ledger CEO Pascal Gauthier Addresses Recent Hacking Incident

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  • Ledger, in collaboration with WalletConnect, acted swiftly to mitigate a security breach, successfully removing compromised NPMJS and disabling a malicious file within forty minutes of discovering the exploit.
  • In response to the incident, Ledger has released an updated version of the Ledger Connect Kit (version 1.1.8), which includes enhanced security measures, advising users to upgrade, albeit with a 24-hour activation period post-installation.



Pascal Gauthier, the CEO of Ledger, a prominent player in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem, has recently addressed the community regarding a hacking incident that affected their systems. In a message that brought relief to users and stakeholders, Gauthier confirmed that the hacking threat has been successfully neutralized.

The incident involved the injection of malicious code into Ledger’s Javascript library, specifically affecting versions greater than 1.1.4. Gauthier explained that the exploit was a result of a vulnerability that was taken advantage of by a bad actor. The hacker gained access through a phishing attack on a former employee, leading to the unauthorized upload of a malicious file to Ledger’s NPMJS, a package manager for Javascript code used across various applications.

Ledger’s swift action and industry collaboration

Upon discovering the exploit, the company’s team responded with urgency to mitigate the impact. In a collaborative effort with WalletConnect, their partner, they worked swiftly to remove the compromised NPMJS and promptly disabled the malicious file. The decisive action, undertaken within just forty minutes of identifying the exploit, underscored the team’s efficiency and responsiveness in the face of a critical security breach.

Ledger’s rapid response to the incident was not just a demonstration of their own resolve but also served as a powerful example of the collective strength within the industry. CEO Pascal Gauthier emphasized the point, highlighting the incident as a testament to the ability of the broader DeFi community to come together and address security challenges effectively and expeditiously. The incident showcased the resilience and collaborative spirit that is crucial in maintaining the integrity and trust in the DeFi ecosystem.

Furthermore, Gauthier reassured users that Ledger’s internal processes prevent any single individual from having the authority to deploy codes on Ledger’s ConnectKit. A multi-party review system is in place to ensure robust security checks. He also emphasized that the company revokes system access for any employee leaving the organization, as part of their standard security protocol.

Continuous improvement in security measures

In light of the recent attack, Gauthier acknowledged that security in the DeFi sector is not static and must be continuously enhanced. Ledger is committed to implementing stronger security controls, particularly by connecting their build pipeline, which implements strict software supply chain security, to the NPM distribution channel.

In response to the recent security breach, Ledger has rolled out a new version of their Connect Kit, labeled as version 1.1.8. The updated version is a direct result of the lessons learned from the hacking incident and represents Ledger’s commitment to continuously improving its security features. Users of Ledger’s services are strongly encouraged to upgrade to the new version as soon as possible, as it encompasses enhanced security measures designed to safeguard against similar vulnerabilities in the future.

Users need to be aware that after installing the new version of the Ledger Connect Kit, there might be a waiting period before it becomes fully operational. The activation of version 1.1.8 could take up to 24 hours post-installation. The delay is a necessary step to ensure that all the new security protocols are properly implemented and functioning as intended. Users are advised to plan accordingly to minimize any potential disruption to their use of Ledger’s services during the transition period.


Gauthier’s message concludes on a positive note, assuring users that the situation is well under control and that the threat posed by the hacking incident has passed. The incident serves as a reminder of the ever-evolving nature of cybersecurity threats in the DeFi space and the need for continuous vigilance and improvement in security protocols. Ledger’s swift and effective response to the incident demonstrates their commitment to safeguarding user data and maintaining trust within the community.

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