Lebanon Introduces World’s First AI President

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  • Lebanon debuts the world’s first AI President, addressing the political void with data-driven solutions.
  • AnNahar Newspaper launches AI President, revolutionizing Lebanese governance.
  • AI President offers innovative solutions, empowering Lebanon to navigate challenges.

Lebanon came up with a novel innovation of creating an artificial intelligent system that assumes the role of a Head of State for the Lebanese. Through the introduction, the House of Representatives will be facing a long period of political uncertainty since the Lebanese President has not been in his seat for more than two years.

Historic announcement

The Lebanese Parliament, which, after thirteen unsuccessful attempts to elect a President, was solving this problem by itself, was the scenario. The newspaper created and improved a fully functional AI version for the Lebanese president, being one of the first such employments in the artificial intelligence and governing world.

A giant leap of speculation where artificial intelligence is used as the painter is the AI President of Lebanon resulted from the extensive training of Large Language Models on 90 years of impartial journalism from AnNahar since the 1930s. The AI President utilizes data analysis to understand historical events of today and the responses to them, formulating answers to political, legal, and governmental inquiries. Its knowledge base covers comprehensively which showed the Lebanese past and present problems in a neutral manner of the national current matters.

Inauguration and functionality

A real AI President was announced during an interview conducted by the editor-in-chief of An-Nahar Newspaper, Nayla Tueni during the live show of the TV. Throughout the interview Lebanese nationality and AI relaxed and discussed a series of questions focusing on the current status of the country and its future. Additionally, the paper has become fully transformed to be directed solely with respect AI President’s suggestions and the issues featured include the economy to the environment.

Open to all citizens through the OurPresident.ai website, an AI-provided equivalent of the Lebanese President may answer concerns about the Lebanese political climate. Equally, the organizers and the Ministry of Health officials among other government officials should use the tool for directives and policy making.

Empowering the people

Nayla Tueni, the publisher of Saher Al-Nahar, voiced her opinion saying, “Lebanese people, and especially ourselves, are getting weary of the incompetence of Lebanese political leaders and we will not accept to endure the conditions Lebanon is going through without doing much. If the parliamentarians prefer to go to tennis courts to play rather than solve the Presidency issue,

The introduction of an AI President of the Lebanese state initiates a new policy vector for political stagnation solutions and techno innovation promotion. We may consider the AI President as a representative who comes up with data-based predictions and proposals for the benefit of Lebanon. The AI President can contribute to overcoming the obstacles on the way to a brighter future. While Lebanon will stand at the forefront of AI integration in the sector of governance, the example given by the country is also a promise of what now is possible around the globe to discover new ways of solving complex social problems.

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