League of Legends Patch Addresses Community Feedback

In the League of Legends patch, Riot listened to the community even during the first complications in balancing the game. 

Patch update rundown

A second micro patch from Riot is due tomorrow, which will buff Corki and Smolder, who will be attracted to the new game, and Nerf Draven and Samira, who will be running away. Some boolean players have indicated that they keep requiring more boosts, but the former caster and current game designer David ‘Phreak’ Turley has said there is a lack of buffs in the probable status. 

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Phreak states that Ezreal, Gangplank, Yasuo, and Yone are weaker because players build incorrectly. In this way, Yasuo and Yone were considered both winners and losers after the recent League of Legends patch 14 update. Finally, the items were frequently rebalanced. So, 10 critical strikes were increased. For Ezreal and Gangplank, nothing changed.

Champion performance analysis

On the other hand, Faker recognizes Yasuo as one of the most powerful heroes in the current patch, with 48.5% to 50.19%. It should be noted that collected statistics based on the Smurf Patch 14 and Patch 18 show a 25% drop, and Yone’s statistics remain similar to the original statistics (48% to 49.8%). MF: Ezreal has continued to drop since 14.08 and tapered to 48%. 

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Although this leads to some players calling for such buffs, and most of the champions seem to be completely fine, the issue that looms over Riot’s horizon is the lengthy process of perfecting items and creating the most suitable builds. 

Item and build adjustments

This might be a hard fact to handle for those expecting Riot to break this rule, yet it is agreeable for those who see Riot sticking to its script. Besides such changes, many people say that the atomic age is 14. they also have a 10-patch micro buff for Corki, who had his chance. This perhaps can be related to many changes as his win rate decreased. 

Furthermore, some changes were applied to the new Blackfire Torch and Fated Ashes. Of all these list items, the Fated Ashes was the most often used to cause trouble before the jungle.

If you haven’t tried the new, well-known patch yet, don’t just watch a LoL tier list to find out which champions you should be locking in the next time you play. In an analogous case, if you are a cosmetic collector, review the amazing discounted options in the League of Legends Mythic.


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