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Bitcoin is the king of cryptocurrencies, and there is no doubt about it since the pioneering currency has the largest transaction volume and market cap.

Despite the remarkable improvement shown by Bitcoin it has failed in securing a rank even in the top five best performing cryptocurrencies for 2019. So, without further ado, let’s look into the list of 2019’s big winners.


Last month, BNB coin was the first crypto to beat its January 2018’s All-Times-High, which is a remarkable matter, as it has made its way to the best ten coins in terms of market cap two months prior. Interestingly, a forty-one million ($41 M) hacking attempt could not derail for long. Four hundred and seventy-five percent (475%) profits are surely nothing to be taken seriously in the course of a few months.

TEZOS (+255%)

XTZ had a bumpy ride in 2018 for multiple causes including the ultimate unveiling of its main-net reducing over one hundred and seventy million dollars ($170 M) market cap. Tezos is over all the bad memories, with seventy percent (70%) profit gain in just three days. It has been continuously capitalizing and is currently two hundred and fifty-five percent (255%) up in 2019.

LITECOIN (+254%)

For LTC this year has been a complete success as it experienced Firm profits every month and led LTH in the best three players. There were fine fettle gains following the Mimblewimble statement released in February, March, April, and even May. With halving event expected in 70 days, LTH is expected to ascend vigorously.


The BCH’s November 2018 struggle led it to a harsh hash war whose effects were felt by the entire field. Bitmain delayed its IPO and dismissed its chief executive Mr. Jihan Wu because of this matter. However, in 2019, BCH has been gently retrieving its status after linking in Dr. Craig Wright.

EOS (+158%)

Fifth standing cryptocurrency in terms of market cap, EOS, has made notable profits this year. It came to limelight after its co-founder, Dan Larimer threatened to jot down BTC and ETH.

BITCOIN (+134%)

BTC’s profits in 2019 have surprised the mainstream financial media, but, it still sits outside the top five groups.

Further 7-10th positions are held by CARDANO (+106%), DASH (+100%), MONERO (+93%) and ETHEREUM (+91%) respectively.

Honorable mentions

Besides the top six cryptocurrencies, Cardano ADA stood at seventh with one hundred and six percent (106%) growth. Dash stood eight with a hundred percent (100%) growth, while Monero stood ninth with ninety-three percent (93%) and Ethereum stood tenth with only ninety-one percent (91%) growth.

Every one of the above coins has done amazingly well after the thawing of the crypto-winter as the industry is enjoying the crypto-spring.

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