Lawyers see slim 14% SEC victory chance in Ripple lawsuit


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  • The U.S. SEC has withdrawn from its prolonged legal battle against Ripple, marking a pivotal shift in a three-year lawsuit.
  • Due to the lawsuit, major crypto exchanges stopped listing XRP, causing significant disruptions to Ripple’s operations and market standing.
  • Ripple, along with executives Brad Garlinghouse and Chris Larsen, were accused by the SEC of an unauthorized securities offering.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has retreated from its extensive legal confrontation with Ripple. This decision marks a significant shift in a lawsuit over three turbulent years. Ripple faced severe setbacks in its operations, with critical partnerships at stake, as leading crypto exchanges ceased listing XRP, profoundly impacting the firm’s market presence.

The conflict witnessed numerous dramatic turns before reaching this juncture. Initially, the SEC accused Ripple, alongside executives Brad Garlinghouse and Chris Larsen, of conducting an unauthorized securities offering. However, the legal tides turned favorably for Ripple when, after years of deliberation, a judge determined that XRP’s sale did not breach securities regulations.

Further strengthening Ripple’s position, Judge Analisa Torres rejected the SEC’s subsequent appeal on October 4. Her ruling emphasized the absence of substantial grounds indicating legal errors or points warranting further consideration. This development dealt another blow to the SEC’s case, diminishing the prospects of overturning the original verdict.

Adding to the string of legal successes for Ripple, the SEC took an unexpected step back on October 19. In a move Ripple’s chief legal officer Stuart Alderoty dubbed a “surrender,” the securities watchdog resolved to drop all charges against Garlinghouse and Larsen. Ripple’s official commentary described this action as a “stunning capitulation,” underlining the magnitude of this legal triumph.

Within this context, attorney Bill Morgan, closely monitoring the lawsuit’s progression, projected a bleak outlook for the SEC. Contrasting views emerged among legal experts, with Jeremy Hogan presenting government statistics suggesting a slightly more optimistic 14.2% chance of success on appeal for the SEC. Yet, Morgan highlighted the minuscule likelihood of the SEC’s victory, pinpointing the intricate legal aspects that worked in Ripple’s favor.

Moreover, the conclusion of this chapter in Ripple’s legal saga appears imminent. According to Morgan, with charges against its executives dismissed, the absence of a forthcoming trial clears the stage for a final judgment anticipated in the coming year. This forecast aligns with the unfolding events, signaling an end to a lawsuit that has significantly influenced the crypto industry’s landscape.

Consequently, Ripple’s journey through these legal straits underscores a broader narrative. It reflects crypto companies’ challenges while navigating regulatory complexities, emphasizing the profound impact such proceedings can have on technological innovation and company operations within this burgeoning sector.

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