Lado Okhotnikov presents Meta Force — Revolutionary Income Scheme

Meta Force by Lado Okhotnikov: Revolutionary Financial Anti-Pyramid or a New Level of Manipulation?

Do you want to be rich? We are sure, you do, it’s a natural desire.

Do you want to be independent and start some business? If so, it is commendable.

Do you have money for initial investment? We’re 99% certain that the answer is “no”.

That is the problem. Everybody wants to get rich, but most of us don’t have funds to start earning.

We can see some attractive offers, promising fantastic profit with small investment. Unfortunately, 95% of them are scum, but the rest 5% can make you really rich.

Seems, we know one of such lucky pro jects. This is Meta Force.

However, we must be we distrustful and double check all Meta Force details.

Meta Force — Checking Income Scheme by Lado Okhotnikov

Let’s start with terms and meanings.

What we don’t want to see is a financial pyramid or in other words Ponzi scheme. It’s a good chance to lose money.

The financial pyramid is a scheme in which participants profit from the investments of new participants. The pyramid scheme requires that the number of new entrants always grow in order to offset high interests. When growth stops, the pyramid collapses.

Let’s be clear: Meta Force is not a financial pyramid. It generates real profits without attracting additional investment.

Meta Force uses the principle of partner (or referral) programs. The same principle is used, for example, by Google and Binance, so there is no doubt about the legality and ethics of the scheme.

The principle is simple: you want to earn. To do this, you enter in a profitable project, and attract a new participant – your partner. For this you get a reward which is a share of the profit that this new member will generate. Next, the new member attracts partners in turn. You also get a share from these second level partners.

This is a classic and repeatedly tested network marketing scheme. However, just building a scheme is not enough. It is necessary to bring partners into business and help them to succeed. You have to act as a team, build relationships, organize systems work. And then you and your team can make a real money.

Technically the scheme is realized through the so-called referral links. You give your potential partner a link, and he goes through it and registers in the project. The project now knows that it is your partner and automatically takes this into account in the profit distribution.

Thus, you create an affiliate structure that will bring you a high passive income.

What We Know About Meta Force

Meta Force is a project by Lado Okhotnikov, a successful crypto project developer. It has already gained momentum and has outgrown the concept of «Startup». Lado Okhotnikov calls his project «anti-pyramid», emphasizing the fundamental difference from the traditional financial pyramids.

In fact, Meta Force combines a variety of crypto-businesses and a classic referral scheme. This is a completely new solution, implemented on a blockchain that guarantees transparency and safety.

Meta Force is a first digital Metaverse, which includes DeFi applications, marketplace, tokenomic, gaming. The project is maximally gamified – you have a unique opportunity to earn in an exciting game.

The Metaverse creates unique comfort and effective business space. You can spend time doing nothing, play games or to work, speeding up your project.

Almost every day the project is updated. We improve some functionality, add com functions.

The principle of decentralized project eliminates any manipulation – all actions are written in smart contracts. Meta Force’s obligations are performed automatically without human intervention.

Metaverse by Meta Force is a first workable business Metaverse. Almost all IT grands tries to create their own Metaverse, but only Meta Force can finalize it.

How to be sure that the earnings will be paid?

Meta Force uses a smart contract, its terms are transparent and unchanged. You can watch your affiliate structure and each member’s actions online.

Payouts to your crypto wallet occur automatically. It is impossible to interfere with the transactions, they are managed by an immutable smart contract.

You have full control over your finances, this is one of the main features of Meta Force.

Question: How Long Will It Live?

And how long will Apple, Microsoft, Google live? Meta Force is a business with no time limits.

The principles used will be in demand in the coming decade, so long-term cooperation can be well planned.

Is Меta Force a Soap Bubble?

Let’s decide what is a «bubble».

«Soap Bubble» means an overpriced project, capable at any moment of «burst», that is, to descend to its real value. «Soap bubbles» can be, for example, listed shares of companies, investment and pension funds, even GDP of entire countries.

Meta Force cannot be a «soap bubble», it is not invested, it does not attract borrowing and at this stage is not exposed on exchanges. Meta Force plans to release and market its own Forcecoin token. However, this will be just one of the projects and token price will be the supported by assets created by all Meta Force participants. Participants are engaged in the implementation of specific projects and make profits that bring these projects. There is simply no room for «inflating» the bubble. The principle is simple: earned – received – withdrew funds.

The Questions & Answers

OK, let’s say we have a community of twenty people. What’s next?

Fine! Register in the chain, implement the project and make a profit, it will be distributed automatically in accordance with the smart contract. Attract more participants, and your profits go up.

Let’s repeat, team work is necessary for success. You have come to the project to earn, so for a while forget about personal interests. Now your interest lies in the overall work of the team. If the whole team makes a profit, you get. You are guaranteed to get your share.

The bigger the partner structure you build, the more profit you will get. Here you will need your organizational skills. Attract new people, motivate, organize and maximize profits.

Excellent. Partners are registered via chain, money is made. And how profit will be distributed among the partners?

Profit will be distributed automatically by means of smart contract. It will take into account various parameters including your position in partner structure.

To earn more you can create and expand your structure.

How much can you earn with $100?

It is impossible to answer this question unequivocally. In any case, the risk of loss of invested funds is zero.

Isn’t it too late to join the project?

Meta Force started last year. Lado Okhotnikov called Meta Force an anti-pyramid. This means that you can join at any time and will be on an equal footing with all participants.

Ponzi schemes are outlawed. Under federal rules courts impose severe penalties on Ponzi convictions. As an example, we can mention the case of Bernie Madoff in which an amazing sentence of 150 years in prison was handed down. Is it safe to participate in Meta Force?

Meta Force has nothing to do with the Ponzi scheme or any other illegal schemes. The project involves real income from real projects. The referral program is used to scale, not to cover losses.

The project is completely transparent and technically excludes manipulation and deception.

You can safely participate in Meta Force – nothing threatens you or the project originators.

Lado Okhotnikov - the financial power is in our hands

MetaForce: Power in Our Hands or Illusion of Control?

Who has control over sunrise? Again, in the decentralized Meta Force scheme, no one has control. There is a smart contract that you can always check. It is executed regardless of anyone’s wishes.

Your earnings are in your hands. Meta Force guarantees impartiality and accurate fulfilment of obligations.

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